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Chapter 183 You Deserve It

  • I spent the next two days finishing the painting while keeping Christopher company in his ward. I would bring him home-cooked meals I prepared as well.
  • Once I roused from my afternoon nap, I shrieked and started searching high and low for something. Christopher held me firmly in between his arms, caressing my back while asserting, “What's wrong? Is it another nightmare?”
  • “No!” I wiped my perspiring forehead dry. Instead of a nightmare, I had another serious issue in mind. Grasping Christopher's hand, I asked, “Since Darius is aware of our relationship, is he going to tell your parents? What should I do if they show up and confront me?”
  • Christopher rolled his eyes and went dead silent for a few seconds. He shook his head and asked, “Don't you think you're way too much of a laggard? Has this just occurred to you when it's already his third or fourth visit?”
  • I answered in a hushed voice, “Well, your condition had been my sole concern over the past few days. On top of that, I was overly occupied with the gifts you bought me. Now, why don't you stop making fun of me and tell me everything? Is Darius going to tell your parents?”
  • I was afraid our relationship would be made known to others when Lyle and I had yet to divorce. If his parents figured out the sort of messed-up relationship I had, they might not want me anywhere near their son.
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