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Chapter 18 Who Is The Father

  • Once we arrived at the hospital, Lyle ran into the hospital with me in his arms and shouted, “Help! Quick! My wife has lost a lot of blood...”
  • A group of doctors and nurses came rushing out and swiftly helped me onto an empty surgical bed before pushing me into an operating room.
  • I was actually afraid to go under anesthesia. Once we were in the operating room, I grasped the doctor's hand and said, “Doctor, I'm pregnant. I think I'm having a miscarriage.”
  • I couldn't see the doctor's expression as he was wearing a surgical mask, but I was sure that he glanced at my lower body for a moment. Nodding, he said to a nurse, “Let's get her into the delivery room. Send an obstetrician in there too.”
  • After that, they pushed my surgical bed out of the operating room. Immediately, I heaved a sigh of relief.
  • I felt dizzy from fatigue and blood loss, and because of that, I fell asleep unknowingly.
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