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Chapter 177 An Accident

  • His words worked like a charm and warded my concerns. After taking the prescribed medicine, I closed my eyes and fell asleep once more.
  • I ended up sleeping for three consecutive days. Zachary then told me I had been having a high fever ever since I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor once warned them to get themselves ready for the worst, but I managed to make it through the crisis.
  • After the routine check-up by the doctor, I turned around and asked, “Where's Christopher?”
  • My voice was still hoarse, but I no longer felt the pain bothering me on the day I first regained consciousness.
  • “H-He—” Zachary stuttered with his brows furrowed as though he was supposed to keep Christopher's whereabouts confidential.
  • I could vividly recall Christopher's forehead drenched in blood when he brought me out of the basement. As my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, I asked, “Where is he?”
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