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Chapter 163 The Woman By His Side

  • I was very calm when I heard that news. After all, I had already witnessed what happened between Crystal and Lyle in the woods.
  • Crystal's strategy was indeed very effective, for Lyle had called me so quickly. I guessed that they were either continuing their business in Crystal's bedroom in the Tanner residence or a hotel because Crystal was purposely making noises for me to hear.
  • “Okay,” I whispered, “I'll wait for you outside City Hall at eight tomorrow morning.”
  • “Yvonne, you... Forget it. See you tomorrow,” he said before quickly hanging up. He was probably afraid that I would want to continue getting involved with him. However, he miscalculated something. I had no intention to do so at all.
  • I smiled to myself, feeling unprecedentedly relaxed. Although I was slightly worried about the situation with Sharon, I could not spend my entire life with a man who did not love me.
  • Moreover, my love for him had long dissipated with time along with all the sorrows.
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