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Chapter 162 Come To City Hall

  • I turned back, quietly looking out from the flower field. Lyle and Crystal were talking in the woods and happened to be right behind me. Immediately, I mentally scolded myself for having such bad luck, for I saw them no matter where I went.
  • “Lyle, do you really not know why I'm leaving?” she asked, leaning against the tree trunk with an expression full of sadness and melancholy. “The same reason why I came back; you've always been very clear of it.”
  • “I know. I really do. But Crystal, you know my feelings. Why do you suddenly have to leave? Are you going to abandon me?” he asked, pulling her into a hug. “I've torn the plane ticket. Let's not leave. We'll stay in Avenport and never separate ever again.”
  • “But I don't want to go on like this anymore. You have a wife and family, so every time I go out with you, everyone looks at me strangely. Public opinion of me has also been poor. For you, I can accept the public condemnation, but I can't accept that my identity is merely your wife's cousin.”
  • She sighed, then laughed again. “Recently, I've been thinking about something. Am I wrong to come back? If I didn't come back, you'll always be with Yvonne and won't be in such a difficult position either.”
  • “I'm not in a difficult position. Really. Crystal, I don't want to lose you.” His voice was full of affection every time he said Crystal's name. Then, he leaned forward, wanting to kiss her, but she pushed him away.
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