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Chapter 161 Not Good To Be Too Clingy

  • “I'm so stupid. Why am I still thinking about father-daughter relations? It's not like they don't have daughters.” As I scolded myself for being an idiot, I walked to the park opposite and sat down.
  • When I was a kid, I used to go there a lot since Dad and Mom always brought me to play on the swings. Every time I said I wanted to go higher, Dad would pretend to be angry as he said, “Any higher and you're going to fall. Be good, Eve.”
  • Then, when the swing was at its highest point, I would smile and reply, “But I'm not scared. If I fall, Daddy will catch me, right?”
  • “Of course, Daddy and Mommy will protect you forever, our little princess.”
  • However, the more beautiful the memory was, the harsher the reality. I sat amongst the flowers with my head on my knees, feeling a little upset. Although I no longer felt heart-piercing sadness, as someone who had been hurt a lot, I still felt pain. At most, the feeling of pain was no longer as strong as before.
  • I then took out my phone and clicked on Christopher's contact. He should be in Coldbridge at that moment. Not knowing whether the call would bother him, I soon hung up after dialing his number. I'd better not bother him. After all, if a woman was too clingy, the man would get annoyed over time. Both parties had to have some personal space.
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