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Chapter 158 Kneel And Beg Me

  • “Well...” The policeman was rendered speechless. “It's not wrong for you to do that. Are you sure you're buying the items? If yes, you must pay at this counter. Otherwise, you've to follow us to the police station.”
  • “Yvonne, why did you come up with such a lame excuse? I mean, where on earth can you get so much money? These rubies are worth more than thirty million! It's futile to make excuses. By the way, it's fortunate that we don't have the same mother, or else I dare not meet my friends from today onward.” After Yvette finished, she covered her mouth to chuckle and winked at me provokingly.
  • “If possible, I wouldn't even share a father with you! What a filthy woman!” After snickering at her, I began to look for my card in my handbag.
  • Yvette was fumed but held in her anger. Since I was still looking for my card, she sneered, “Yvonne, you don't have that much money. I mean, do you think it's three hundred?”
  • Then, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Why don't you kneel and beg me? I might be delighted and even pay it for you if you do so. After all, I don't want everyone to know that I have a sister who steals.”
  • Now, I finally figured out why Yvette set me up. She wanted to put me in an awkward position: be freed if I beg her or be a thief if I refuse. No matter which option I chose, she could still achieve her motive of causing me trouble.
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