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Chapter 157 I Am A Thief

  • When I considered paying with a credit card or cash, two policemen blocked my way and said impolitely, “Miss, we have received a police report that you stole something from a jewelry shop. Please cooperate with our investigation.”
  • “What? Who called the police? How ridiculous! Can the informer talk to me face-to-face?” I was bewildered, for I only passed by the jewelry shop just now and didn't enter it. Although I always loved jewelry, it didn't mean that I had to buy and wear it. To me, jewelry was ostentatious but didn't serve any other purposes.
  • “Miss, please don't think of denying it with mere words. Allow us to inspect your handbag.” As one of the policemen got impatient, he stretched out his arm and wanted to grab my handbag directly.
  • I couldn't help but feel furious. As I handed over my handbag, I said disgruntledly, “Go ahead. However, remember to apologize if you can't find anything inside.”
  • I was confident that it was a mistake. However, once the policemen found two rubies, which were wrapped nicely, my face turned pale. I had no idea why there was jewelry in my handbag, for I had checked my belongings before I left the house.
  • “Miss, would you mind explaining?” One of the policemen put the rubies in his hands and awaited my response. They would bring me back to the police station if I couldn't explain myself.
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