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Chapter 155 Cannot Stand The Sight Of You

  • “Well, I just can't stand the sight of you. Besides, I want to see you make a fool out of Lyle. Seriously, you two make a great couple.” Christopher had a wicked grin as he narrowed his eyes.
  • Although Crystal was livid, she dared not confront him, so she stomped out. Her high heels echoed in the restaurant. He watched her until she walked out of sight before he stood up and left. He paused at the door and looked in my direction.
  • Oh, no! Did he see me? While I was in a panic, he left. I watched him drive away and for the waiter for the check.
  • “Miss, someone has paid your bill. He also wanted me to pass you this digestive tablet because you'll need it.”
  • Confused, I asked, “Who?”
  • “You're not mute?” She was stunned. No wonder she gave me a pitying look when I was choked. Again, I asked, “Who do you mean? Is he the handsome guy in the black suit?”
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