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Chapter 149 I Want To See You In Despair

  • “Are you afraid now? Let me tell you something. I'm going to slowly savor the moments that will lead to your inevitable destruction. By then, I'll still be the respected new school artist as well as future Mrs. Smith. It's too bad that I don't like Benjamin's family members. Otherwise, he is quite a husband material.”
  • The woman's confidence was commendable. She was speaking with absolute certainty that whomever she chose to be her husband would ask for her hand in marriage. I couldn't say for others, but one thing I was sure about Christopher was that he didn't have the slightest interest in Crystal. She was but just another stranger to him.
  • Sometimes I did fear for what was going through her mind. Not only was she obsessed with taking me down, but she also took pleasure in watching me fail miserably in life. She set out to destroy me out of feeling inferior.
  • She was consumed by her perceived inferiority that had been brewing since a young age. I couldn't possibly be blamed for having a complete family where I was loved by my parents. Moreover, it wasn't my family's fault that her father got himself into trouble all those years back.
  • I snickered. “Of course I'm afraid. After all, I don't think anyone will appreciate the company of a lunatic.”
  • “Regardless, it's a nuisance that Lyle is still thinking about you,” Crystal said while pouting her red lips. “That's why he still can't cut the cord. Maybe it's time I help him make some tough decisions. Just you wait.”
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