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Chapter 147 Forever Your Kept Woman

  • “Ew?” the man repeated as he let out a mischievous smile. Sensing I was going to be in trouble, I made a dash for the door. But I only managed to take a few steps before I was overtaken by Christopher. He then pinned me onto the countertop before covering my mouth with his.
  • The tip of his tongue danced around in my mouth as he tried to make loud kissing noises. His mischief, however, turned serious when the kiss deepened and I was drowned in his warm embrace. When his mouth finally left mine, he whispered into my ear, “For future reference, every time you say 'Ew', I'll let you have a taste of my saliva, get it?”
  • I nodded dutifully. Brushing my fingers over my lips, I couldn't help but wonder if he had never been with another woman in his life. How did he get so good at kissing? Did he practice with a professional, or did he learn all these from the television?
  • While I was entertaining my imagination, Christopher suddenly picked me up and walked toward the living room. He laid me down on the couch before his hands started to move about around my body.
  • I quickly stopped him. “We can't. The gas is still running in the kitchen. I don't want the news headline to read 'Two naked bodies found in a household gas explosion' tomorrow.”
  • Christopher let out a loud cackle while pinching my buttock. He then slid his hand inside my shirt and said playfully, “My darling, I carried you out here just to have dinner. What were you thinking? Didn't we agree that I'll cook and you'll do the dishes tonight?”
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