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Chapter 145 You Are Deceived

  • After reading it thoroughly, I confirmed that Amelia possessed eight percent of the shares in Smith Corporation. Despite the small proportion, it was worth a king's ransom to a poor lady like me. I could stop working and live a good life with the dividends every year.
  • “Back then, the Smith family was facing a lawsuit and in need of cash. I asked your dad for investment, but he rejected me because he needed the money for another lucrative investment. I left in disappointment, but your mom came to my house very soon.”
  • Sharon's eyes beamed when she immersed herself in the memory. “Your mom was smart; nevertheless, your dad didn't heed her advice. So, you can imagine they didn't get along well back then. She secretly invested two hundred million, for she believed that the Smiths' project would deliver better returns than your dad's plan. That was why she received eight percent of the shares in return without your dad's knowledge.”
  • I had never heard someone talk about my mom for a long time. When Sharon mentioned her, I felt a little uncomfortable and only put on a faint smile in response. My heart would sink every time her name was mentioned.
  • “Grandma, why are you telling me this?”
  • Fixating her gaze upon me, she took out another document from the folder and handed it over to me. “Your mom's shares are supposed to be yours. Now, I'll transfer them to you. Besides, I'll gift two percent of my shares to you.”
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