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Chapter 138 Is He Great In Bed

  • My hands and legs hung loose in the air as my body moved up and down following his thrusts. Any time he thrust harder into me; I could feel myself almost falling over the edge of the windowsill. Amidst the thrusts, my brain went jelly and I could only let out muffled grunts.
  • A few moans would escape when I could no longer hold it in. Unknowingly, the fireworks show stopped, and the cold wind rustled past the surface of the lake, springing up goosebumps on my back. Noticing that I was feeling a chill, Christopher caressed my body to ward off the cold.
  • Soon, I was lost in oblivion as he gained more momentum. An urge to cry suddenly overpowered me as almost half of my torso was hanging out the window.
  • Am I going to fall into the lake and drown to my death while making love? The headlines are going to look spectacular if that's the case— Married Woman Drowns in Lake Following Intense Lovemaking While Cheating?
  • Luckily, Christopher had no intention of me making the headlines, nor wishing death upon me. He supported my back and carried me to a desk in the lounge. Feeling that the hard desk might be uncomfortable, he put a jacket underneath to cushion my back. We fooled around some more. Knowing that we had to leave later, Christopher did not drain me all of my energy.
  • After we were done, he did not see me out the door. Instead, he led me through a deserted way to leave through the back exit. Of course, I was not that dumb to ask if it was impolite of me to leave the party halfway. After all, everyone who went to the party who was even remotely related to me had left. Christopher's parents might even think that I had left as well.
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