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Chapter 136 Love Versus Lust

  • He what? I turned around and widened my eyes at him. My goodness! A yacht has got to cost millions. Did he just say he drilled a hole in it so that he could watch fireworks with me?
  • “You're really frivolous with money, aren't you? We're talking about a yacht that potentially costs millions or more! My goodness!” I covered my face in dismay.
  • “Nothing ever comes close to you,” Christopher raised a brow as he replied. I realized that he really liked doing that, but for some reason, I thought it looked good on him. His upturned lips, paired with the affectionate gaze and a raised brow were enough to make any woman fall for him.
  • “Why? Do you find me that dazzling? Are you captivated by your future husband again?” Christopher noticed that I was ogling at him and teased me.
  • “You wish.” I pursed my lips, refusing to tell him that he looked really good.
  • That night, when the fireworks show came to an end, I was no longer crouching alone in the corner of the house but was encircled in Christopher's embrace instead. I could feel his lips exploring mine as we were locked in a passionate exchange. He tasted of lingering tobacco, and rich red wine.
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