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Chapter 129 The Same Trick All Over Again

  • It was sunset, and as we basked in the sunlight, the reflection in the lake seemed so surreal. It took my breath away. However, I was afraid to go anywhere near the lake because of a traumatizing experience I had as a child.
  • Suddenly, Sabrina showed up and yelled, “Didn't you promise to join me for a dance? What the heck are you doing here? Hurry up and come with me!” The infuriated woman tried to bring Zachary away with her.
  • Zachary stood right where he was with an awkward expression. “Can you calm down and let go of me? Stop embarrassing yourself in front of others! We're not the only ones around here!”
  • I chuckled when I saw the duo bickering. Sabrina had always been known as an aggressive woman. Thus, I was pretty sure Zachary would be intimidated by her.
  • Sabrina refused to let go of Zachary. She rebuked, “Stop diverting my attention when Yvonne is the only one here! As my best friend, she won't make fun of me!”
  • I had no idea since when had the duo gotten so close with one another. As Zachary wouldn't talk back against Sabrina, I was pretty sure they had been keeping in close touch for quite some time.
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