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Chapter 126 Drooling

  • I remembered she had a blind date with a handsome man quite some time ago. They must have been incompatible. As much as I loathed the pink dress, I had no choice but to put it on.
  • I stared at myself in the mirror; it complemented my skin tone well. I couldn't pick on the flawless dress that seemed to have been tailor-made for me.
  • I couldn't wait to show Christopher the dress he had chosen me. Thus, I got ahead of Sabrina and headed over to the yacht, which cost at least hundreds of millions, docked nearby.
  • As I made my way over while holding my dress, I noticed most of the invited guests had boarded the yacht ahead of me. When I stepped into the hall, the guests were about to have their first dance. Upon a simple glimpse, I noticed most of the guests were couples.
  • Lyle and Crystal were in the middle of the crowd as well. They had a great time dancing together. I was irked by Crystal's seemingly flawless moves.
  • No matter how graceful they appeared, it doesn't change the fact they're both corrupted deep down!
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