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Chapter 121 Cheaters

  • Tears streamed down Crystal's cheeks as she walked toward Lyle. The couple embraced and lay on the grass. Soon, sounds of whimpering and moaning could be heard from them.
  • “Tell me, am I better than Bianca?” Crystal moaned.
  • “Wasn't she a gift from you? I don't even know where you have sent her off to now.” Lyle thrust harder while positioning Crystal's body to accommodate him more smoothly.
  • By then, I was too exhausted to be bothered by what they were doing.
  • There was a moment where I felt like I had stopped breathing. It was difficult for me to accept the truth. Moreover, the impact was especially devastating this time.
  • Since the wedding, Lyle had been unwilling to touch me. When Sharon found out about this, she tried to come up with ideas to help me, but to no avail. There was a time when we attended a party, I could feel that something was off with my body. As such, I returned to the room with Lyle only to lose consciousness right after because I was drunk.
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