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Chapter 118 I Have A Special Skill

  • When I turned around to leave, my right hand brushed against the bowl of hot soup. With that, both my arm were now injured.
  • When the doctor came to check on my injury, he was looking at me strangely. Although wealthy families would always have their own designated private doctor, it must have been weird for the doctor to get called over repeatedly as it was rare for someone from a wealthy family to keep getting into accidents.
  • “You're really careless, Ms. Tanner.” The doctor was speechless.
  • “What can I say, it seems that fate likes to play jokes on me seeing how I am always the unfortunate one.” I sighed. My right arm was hurting like hell, and I wished for nothing more than to pounce into Christopher's arms and cry. Why did I have to attend such a boring party? It's really tiring to deal with all those scheming people.
  • That being said, this was still Christopher's home, and being here was a good chance for me to experience the place he had grown up in.
  • “I'm so sorry, Ms. Tanner. It was because of our negligence that you've gotten injured.” Darius stood behind the doctor and nodded to me with an apologetic expression on his face.
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