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Chapter 116 Self Inflicted Humiliation

  • “Eve, stop it. We are husband and wife. I won't bring up the matter of divorce from now on. And don't you think about getting a divorce.” Lyle appeared saddened as he gazed mournfully at me. The sorrow and longing that spilled from his eyes made it seem like I was the one who was unsatisfied with our marriage, not him.
  • He had always said that I caused trouble, for which I had always found an excuse. I had transformed from being a meek and soft-spoken woman to a prickly one. The type whose thorns kept people at bay. And all of that because of whom?
  • I gazed at him in disdain, without even bothering to anticipate what he would come up with next. I was just content with watching his charade. Besides, the next time when Crystal came causing trouble with me, he would cast me aside without hesitation anyway.
  • This was the day after the party. The Lane family's massive villa had architectural elements which were reminiscent of a medieval castle. Its ability to house such a long guest list impressed me as well. Sabrina had mentioned that only the people who were present the night before were aware of the incident. As for Mr. Wilson, he had slipped away that very morning.
  • When I was having breakfast with Sabrina in the dining hall, I felt the full extent of the Lanes' grandeur as I admired the beautiful decor and silverware. I became distinctly aware that my self-esteem would be crushed just by attempting to deduce Christopher's net worth.
  • The frustrations of the poor are incomprehensible to the rich.
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