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Chapter 115 Let Us Start Anew

  • Lyle drew a deep breath. I could feel the intense disappointment comically subduing the rage that grew rapidly. He looked like he was in agonizing pain.
  • Lyle stood rooted on the spot as he breathed deeply to will himself to calm down. Finally, he spoke in a relatively placid voice. “How're you feeling?”
  • “I'll live, unfortunately for you,” I replied bluntly.
  • “I really did not know what happened with the incident last night.”
  • Lyle tried to explain his side of the story to me but I was not in the mood to listen. However, at his insistence upon his innocence, I became convinced that he had no part in my ordeal. Lyle had a superiority complex as a result of being spoiled by me and Crystal. If he really had done it, he would not only have admitted to it, but he would also point an accusative finger at me, claiming that I was too salacious to have seduced Mr. Wilson for him to be interested in me.
  • He really did not do it. But does that mean that I should forgive him for everything else that he has done?
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