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Chapter 111 Gratitude For The Spiked Drink

  • I ignored the knock, as I prickled my arm with the shard to maintain my wits about me. Was the plan for Lyle to spike my drink and for Crystal to catch me cheating?
  • It was a good plan, admittedly. Lyle had never wanted a divorce because he did not want the unbearable reputation of leaving his first wife. He was so unwilling that he had gone to the extent of fabricating the circumstances of my unfaithfulness to compel me to sign the divorce papers. In response to my reluctance to do so, they had come up with a plan as drastic as this.
  • There was no point. After Grandma had heard the unacceptable truth at the courtyard, I had already decided that I would agree to whatever condition that Lyle would come up with. But after everything that had happened, there would be no way in hell that I would agree to anything he says ever again.
  • I had discovered that I loved Christopher and wanted to marry him. Why would I allow my name to be tarnished and hinder our future happiness?
  • “Yvonne, are you in there?” Came Crystal's voice again. “Benjamin told me that you were drunk. We're here to check in on you.”
  • With an attempt to subdue my panting, I gazed at the wretched figure on the floor and recalled that he might possibly be a Mr. Wilson. It didn't look like he was going to regain consciousness any time soon, much less have the strength to get up, courtesy of the bleeding gash on his temple.
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