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Chapter 102 The Sweet Memories That Walnut Cookies Carry

  • I was suddenly put under the limelight after Crystal approached me. I knew she directed their attention toward me on purpose. I had no money and no one who would stand up for me. All I had was that pathetic-looking box in my hand that made me look out of place.
  • “I didn't know you brought something for my dad too, Eve. Come on, give it to him. He'll be happy to see it.” Christopher stood beside Gordon, giving me an innocent smile. Monica whispered in his ears and a smile broke out on his face, lodging a bard in my heart.
  • “She's your friend?” Gordon asked Christopher.
  • “We've met a few times.”
  • Christopher's casual tone chilled my heart. It was true that we had only met a few times, but they were no usual encounters. I had given him my heart after all the nights we spent together, but just as I thought we were in for a serious relationship, I found out I was fooled. I was like a clown in a circus, putting up a show under the eyes of the mocking crowd.
  • “Come on, Yvonne. Don't be shy. I already gave the painting I drew to Mr. Lane, so it's your turn now. You've been carrying this box since the beginning of the party. I'm sure it's something of great value.” As she spoke, Crystal came forward and reached for the box in my hand.
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