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Chapter 100 It Is Time I Leave

  • I sucked a mouthful of cold air and looked up, only to see Lyle, and also Crystal, who was standing beside Benson. She deliberately came closer to Lyle and stealthily touched his hand from an angle only visible to me before shooting me a provocative smile.
  • Sadness and anger overtook me and I shook off Lyle's hand. “Get the f*ck out of my way.”
  • Lyle was taken off guard hearing me swear. Since the reporters were already gone, there was no need for me to keep up the act anymore. It was time I leave.
  • “I mean what I said.”
  • Lyle looked at me, confused.
  • I pointed at Benson and Crystal, and then at myself. “As I said earlier, you're not some king in the ancient past. You don't have to force yourself to maintain a relationship with your queen while sleeping around with your concubines. I don't care if you want to go look for Crystal.”
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