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Chapter 190 Anna Visiting the Holt Residence

  • After returning to her apartment in Deacon Town, Anna quickly sorted things out, then headed straight to the Holt Residence.
  • "Old Mrs. Holt, Miss Anna has come," the butler announced when he escorted her in.
  • With that, Anna took a step forward and greeted Elle deferentially, "Grandma." She had changed into a mauve dress and put on light elegant-looking makeup.
  • Anna's father used to be Elle's butler, but after Frank moved out, Elle sent him over to Frank.
  • Arguably, Elle had also watched Anna grow up and she had always adored this beautiful girl.
  • With that, Elle instantly smiled when she heard what the butler said. "My, you're back, Anna! When did you return? Quick, come over here."
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