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Chapter 6 She's Not Her Friend!

  • All through the day Diana wasn't able to control her emotions at work. Not only did she feel like a train had run her over, she also wasn't able to concentrate when the departmental meeting was going on, thus disgracing herself in front of the team leader when asked a question.
  • Here she was in the bathroom, cleaning her face while trying to control herself but before she knew it, she burst out into tears that she couldn't stop.
  • “Diana, what….” Jessica's words were cut short when she swung the door open to walk in on a messed up Diana. She didn't need anyone to tell her what's going on with her friend, before she offered her a hug.
  • “I'm tired, I'm really tired of everything. I don't want to do this anymore.” Diana cried in her embrace, Jessica knew that this was about Kelvin since Diana loved her work so much, and her actions today could only explain that she wasn't in her right senses.
  • She hasn't been able to know what exactly Marianna, Kelvin's mother told her yesterday when she left during break but Jessica knew that whatever it was, was also part of the reason why Dianna was this way.
  • If this was the way the so-called marriage is, Jessica didn't want to get married ever again. Since after witnessing her friend get beaten up daily in the name, that she wanted to change Kelvin.
  • All she knew was that a day would come, when she wouldn't be too lucky to come out alive, but she wouldn't sit down and watch that happen.
  • “Diana, you need to go to the police station, and have him arrested for wife battering. He's going to kill you, No! He’s already killing you, look at you.” Jessica ssid, pulling up her blouse and saw the dark bruises, including the fresh ones that decorated her body. Kelvin isn't human, he deserves to rot in prison all the days of his life.
  • Instead of Diana listening to her friend, to take Jessica's advice she shaked her head in disagreement, and that's the reason why Jessica is finding it hard to do what she wants to do to Kelvin. It's all because Diana is unwilling to face the truth, to see the handwriting on the wall.
  • “He loves me.” Diana said, looking away from Jessica. That's what she believed, no, that's what she chooses to believe.
  • “Diana…” Jessica called, dragging her by her arm to face her.
  • “He apologized.” Diana lied, turning to keep eye contact with her. She can't leave Kelvin, and so does Kelvin.
  • There's no way she could leave him after working so hard to get married to him, afterall marriage isn't a bed of roses, everyone has to choose their own pain.
  • “And you seriously think he's going to stop just because he apologized, Diana, what is wrong with you?” Jessica added, she has gotten really tired of going back and forth with Diana, all she wanted was to conclude things with her and make a decision about her stand with Kelvin.
  • “He's changing, Jessica. I can feel it, no, I know it. It's just that Kelvin is too pressured by his mother, that's why…”
  • “What did she tell you yesterday?” Jessica added, referring to Marianna, Kelvin's mother. If there's anything Jessica is, is the fact that she's a good friend to Diana, irrespective of what Diana was doing trying to sabotage her plans with Kelvin, she didn't judge her or abandon her just like her highschool friends did because she chose to be with Kelvin.
  • Diana looked away, she didn't want to tell Jessica about that part yet until she confirms from Kelvin, that he has no idea what and why his mother did what she did.
  • “Incase you didn't notice, I saw the look on your face when you were back, Diana.”
  • Jessica added, before taking her hands into her own with concern lacing her entire mood. “You are a young lady, who deserves everything good that life has to offer, and seeing you berate yourself by being with that douchebag it hurts me, Diana. There are a whole lot of men out there, better than…”
  • “I won't cheat on Kelvin.” Diana blurted out instantly. No! She won't commit adultery, she owed that to Kelvin as his wife irrespective of him not thinking of her by sleeping around, but it doesn't matter.
  • “But he cheats on you, but that's not what i am trying to say. What i am trying to say is that you will learn to fall in love again, when you divorce him.
  • There's always a second chance, Diana. Don't give up your life for him. He's not worth it, please?” Jessica begged, and that made Dianna really embarrassed.
  • If there's anyone who should have been giving each other advice, it should have been her because Jesus is a social butterfly who doesn't act like she's ready to settle down any time soon. Unlike her who was a die hard fan of romance, Jessica doesn't fail to show off the fact that she's a hoe forever.
  • She would rather remain single than to commit herself in any relationship, and Diana knew that she too was emulating from her marriage with Kelvin, to give up on love.
  • “She introduced a lady to me as Kelvin's second wife, I will talk about it to Kelvin tonight.”
  • “What's there to talk about, Diana? They are literally showing you your place in that family.” Jessica attacked her, which she found offensive. Even if her marriage with Kelvin is dying can't she at least try to save it?
  • “Jessica please, I still want to try to talk to Kelvin.”Diana insisted.
  • “Okay, don't come back crying when he blows one of your eyes out.” Jessica sassed, which made Diana slap her for using such words against her.
  • “How could you?” She growled at her. It's her fault for talking to her about her marital life in the first place, what was she expecting from someone, who sleeps around without trying to put herself in her shoes for once?
  • When Jessica figured out what she did, she came closer to her. “ I'm sorry, Diana, I didn't mean to..”
  • “No matter how much you feel as if your life is all perfect, you had no right to insult me using my misery Jessica, you had no right!” She yelled at her, cleaning her tears before taking her bag and left the bathroom with Jessica calling after her, but she didn't want to hear anything from her anymore.
  • If Kelvin kills her, so be it but what she wouldn't take is Jessica's advice anymore. She's not her friend!