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Chapter 3 And Everything Changed

  • You must be thinking about what is in the will, right?
  • Well, he has given a significant amount to my grandmother to live her life peacefully, and this mansion is hers now.
  • And everything changed.
  • Same; he gives a good amount to my father and gives him some other property as well.
  • Now he gives the rest of the empire to me. I am the sole owner of this, but I am not ready to take care of my empire. So Mr. Morris Hudson’s company, Hudson Inc., will take care of that business.
  • It stated more...
  • Once she turns eighteen, she will get married to Mr. Sean Hudson.
  • If Miss Sarah Rose Williams denies this arrangement, then this entire property goes to a charity, including Mrs. Rose Williams and Matt Williams’s shares, along with a 51% share of Hudson Inc.
  • I looked at my father, and he looked calm, as if he did not care. I know why he would care, as he has his properties and his own business, so he does not care about this. But what about my grandmother? How will she survive? I cannot trust my father in this. What if he does not take care of my grandmother?
  • I looked at the other three, including my grandmother. They were all smiling as if nothing had happened, and I saw the other gentleman. His name is Sean Hudson, and he was fuming in anger.
  • Well, dude, feelings are mutual, at least in this situation.
  • The lady in her 40s got up and came to me, hugged me, and said "Hi sweetheart, I am Jennifer; I am Sean’s mother". I do not know what to do or say, so I just nod hello.
  • My head was hurting, and my palm was sweating. I do not know what to do or say, so I kept on sitting there doing nothing, looking at my feet.
  • After some time, the lawyer left, and now we are all here.
  • "I do not agree with this arrangement." I hear his voice, and I look up at my savior.
  • "She is a kid, and you guys want her to marry?"
  • ‘Well, he is right!’ My mind says.
  • "18 years old is not a kid, I guess." The first time my dad spoke.
  • "She is not 18 yet," my savior again said.
  • "Tomorrow she is turning 18," my dad said.
  • ‘Oh, so he remembers my birthday?’ I felt hopeful, but again, reality hit me hard. He remembers the death of my mother. How can I forget that? I smile, shaking my head a little.
  • It seems like my dad is so eager to get rid of me. And of course, why not? That is what he wanted for so long.
  • I was looking down and listening to their bickering.
  • "However, eighteen is not the age of marriage, and we have a six-year age gap. And I do not want to take care of the child." He again fumed.
  • "Then let it go with your 51% of shares." My father spoke.
  • "I would gladly, Mr. William," he said, saying that he had left the room.
  • I was still fighting with my inner self about what to do. And my grandmother spoke, "Sweetheart, do not worry about anything. If you do not want this arrangement, there is no pressure, and you do not have to worry about me."
  • I look back at my father, and his glaring competition is on.
  • I again look down. Now I cannot breathe; this is all too much for me. I need fresh air to clear my mind.
  • I got up and said, "Excuse me," saying I started walking but stopped hearing a voice.
  • I looked back at the owner of the voice, and it was Mr. Devis Hudson.
  • He came to me and said, "I know, dear, it is too much for you, but trust me, Sean is not that bad. He has never disappointed us as a son and grandson, and I know he will be a great husband. And do not worry about him; I will speak to him," he says lovingly.
  • I nodded in agreement and left the room.
  • I went to the garden, looked up at my mama, and started crying. "Mama, look what is happening with me. I never thought Grandpa would do this to me. Mama, why can't I come to you? Mama, please call me Mama, please. I do not want this, please." I cry my heart out for hours.
  • I do not know after how long I felt a little better, and I went to my room and directly fell asleep in my bed. I was feeling a hell of tired because of this mental pressure.
  • And see, today I am here. Happily Married.