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Chapter 3 The Calm Before The Storm

  • **CAMILLA**
  • I was dumbstruck at his words, my lips could barely mumble a reply. Even if I wanted to, who would I reply to first? Dylan shamelessly yelled my name from afar, getting the attention of anyone who cared to look, and they were a lot due to his popularity, or should I reply to my boyfriend first? He's curious to know why Dylan Emerton saw me butt naked, literally.
  • I just want to crawl into a hole then disappear. I'm so confused.
  • Kyle's hands disengaged from mine, forcing me to make a headstart on my decision. He's hurt. I turned back and met .the look of pain and hurt on his face. I turned again shooting a massive glare at Dylan, he replied with a smirk as he strode away. That's his plan? Chaos? Disrupt my quiet and peaceful life. He didn't want or need anything except to make me seem like a complete fool in front of my boyfriend, now he's left a huge mess, but Dylan doesn't care. It's all fun and games for him. Nothing more than that.
  • "Tell me he's lying."
  • His voice shook me, bouncing me out of my internal rant and thoughts of revenge. I never meant to hurt Kyle. It was a genuine mistake, but Kyle would not hear the end of it, he wouldn't believe me even if I spoke nothing but the truth, not to mention he was on the verge of losing it.
  • I’ve never seen him this angry. In two years, this was the first time he couldn't meet my gaze. It hurt more than I expected.
  • "Kyle, I can explain please," I said, it sounded stupidly cliche, but I couldn't figure out anything else other than a plea in a bit to pacify him. It backfired, he scoffed and my words only seemed to rile him up.
  • "Tell me he's lying."
  • He raised his voice a little and I shuddered.
  • "Camilla." He called out, eyes watering, hands shaking by his side, he let out another scoff, then ran a few fingers through his hair and out. I was going to lose him. I'll lose him except I say something.
  • "My dad had no other option but to live with the Emerton. We were devastated, confused, frightened, and extremely tired after the fire. When Mr Emerton offered help, we took it. I didn't know it was then until we were in the car, I couldn't oppose or put my ridiculous feelings first. I had to comply. I got there, we didn't see each other, I went upstairs, took off my clothes for a shower to get the stench of fire off my skin, When I walked out, I tied the towel across my chest, he appeared out of nowhere, I didn't know he stood behind me, the towel just slips and he saw my naked butt, only for like three seconds I swear."
  • Once again, I told a partial truth to cover my ass and not add gasoline to a fire. We've had too many of those recently. If Kyle thinks it was a mutual mistake, he may not probe further. I hope he doesn't. Sincerely. My head is spinning and it isn't even first period yet.
  • "He saw you naked." He stated in a low tone. That's all he picked? Not naked-naked. Just my butt. Surely I didn't say those to him.
  • "I know, it’ll never happen again I swear." I caressed his cheeks and he groaned. Please drop this.
  • "Promise me you'll stay away from him."
  • He pleaded, reaching for my hand, inching closer. I gulped and thought of it.
  • "Dylan and I have no business at all, the second we get our house back, I'm out of there so you don't have to worry."
  • I gulped. “He said promise...”
  • My subconscious added. I shook my head knowing exactly what I did. Avoid and evade. I don't make promises I'm certain that I won't keep. Even if I tried, the truth remains; I can't stay away from Dylan. I just hope Kyle doesn't get hurt in the crossfire.
  • "Ok." He muttered slowly placing his lips on mine. The short kiss lasted a few seconds, then he pulled away and slung his arm over my shoulder. Maybe it's due to the fight we just had, but it felt dry. I'm having a headache. It's not even Monday.
  • "Let's get to class," I whispered holding his hand. He seemed hesitant but grabbed mine as we walked to class.
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