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Kingdom of the Damned

Kingdom of the Damned

Celeste Roese

Last update: 2023-02-03

Chapter 1

  • They told her she would burn by the flames.
  • An infant girl few hours old to be sacrificed to the roaring flames. Folk claiming her to be the devil's child, servant of evil. The evil in this world believed to burn by crackling flames of a fire. The girl never had a chance against the flames, yet never got touched by them. A bonfire made for ridding the world of such evil. Still the only evil in the world are those who slaughter innocent infants by the fire. Mothers weep and scream and brothers and sisters cry.
  • Few newborns get live to grow, many believe the evil lives in everyone, only children with red hair possess the most evil. Others believe all children are servants of the devil and should burn by the flames of hell until their ultimate death to be free of all evil. Her life did not begin well, yet she is the only one who lived through the flaming heat of the fire. A infant girl born on October the Eighth was given the name Athena like her late grandmother who sadly passed away. Her mother's life was taken away from the infant at childbirth.
  • The father isn't in her life for he's unknown and could be anyone in the world. The mother traveled a lot and in her drunken state, she slept with many men. The one who fought for the infant girl's life are her older brothers Jackson and his twin Jasper. Since her birth Athena has always been protected by them, the town folks did not agree to the terms of not burning her. One thing no one cared to admit, they love to watch children burn, yet fight to the death when it comes to their own children whose turn it is to be welcomed to the flames.
  • The night of October the eighth a big bonfire was created, in honor of her birth and the death. Without her mother, the poor child was starving the entire day, her brothers fought hard to feed her yet no one knew how since the only food to give to an infant is its mother's milk. The urge of having her throat slit was what went through many minds as she cried and cried all day for food. But her brothers held her and made sure she is safe from those who mean her harm, but surely even they can not stop what will become.
  • At sunset the bonfire lit up into flames and the one house was stormed down. The twin brothers took their swords and fought with everything they had until they got outnumbered by the town folks. Jackson lost two fingers and his brother stabbed was in the stomach. With one brother injured Jackson could not save his baby sister and screamed and screamed for her as they took her away. The screaming child almost begging to not be with those people and slaughtered by the fire, she screamed and cried louder than ever.
  • Not one town folk cared the baby girl cried her lungs out, some just laughed as they knew she was going back to hell where she belongs, and may she be reborn once again freed of all darkness and evil that has cursed her. Drums and clapping is what the folks do as the priest brings the screaming and kicking child to the bonfire. "This girl has been touched by evil and the devil himself, to kill the darkness, she must burn and be reborn once again. We will see her once more and when that time comes, she will be welcomed with open arms" He says with his old shaky voice full of anger and disgust for the newborn he holds.
  • What no one notices is one person with a old black hooded cloak over their head and watches the bonfire with an angry stare. He watches the baby girl in the arms of the old priest and as he speaks his words about the sins she did not commit and must die for it. He watches the girl and feels the anger rise within his body as all he wants to do is rip everyone to pieces until he has that girl in his arms. Without a second thought the priest throws her into the crackling flames where only her screams are heard.
  • Then silence, nothing can be heard from the girl and they assume she is dead and they laugh at it. The man standing in the back with the cloaked hood has had enough of this, he knows something they do not. The girl hasn't been quieted down because of death, she is well alive, yet no one sees that. She is quiet, for she feels home, the flames do not burn her, they make her feel safe, warm her and protect her. Feed and give her the energy she needs to survive and as folks laugh and drink believing she is dead, she has been lulled to sleep by the fire.
  • With the wave of his hands the fire of the bonfire starts to quiet down, until it becomes of nothing but smoke, the villagers notice the girl unharmed and moving yet not screaming or crying anymore. But They've angered him and with one snap of his fingers one man after another lights up on fire and burns. He watches those people burn like they watched her burn, and he enjoyed bringing pain and suffering to them as they would have done to her. A smirk on his face when he hears them scream out in pure pain.
  • The man now standing in the field where ashes of human flesh is on the ground and flying with the wind. He walks over to the bonfire where the sleeping infant is unknown of what had taken place. He picks her up in his arms and even sleeping, she reaches her hand up to his face. A smile creeps up his face as her tiny little hand reaches and touches his nose. "Athena, I will protect and watch over you from harm today and till end of time, until I return for you when you've come of age to be my rightful Queen of Hell"