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King Of Hearts (He's A Flirt)

King Of Hearts (He's A Flirt)

Crazy Writer

Last update: 2022-12-06

Chapter 1 Adventure With My Best Friend Girlfriend

  • Location: Paris.Time: 5:45pm
  • MIA P.O.V
  • I sat on a king Size bed, in my room I brought out the new clothes, mum brought for me, it’s the latest designer, am gonna rock it for my birthday, and guess what? Today is my birthday.
  • “Hey babe, it time” my friend Benita shouted and enter my room.
  • “Yes baby we need to party because today is my birthday” I replied her.
  • “Yeah, hope your dad won’t scold you” she said.
  • “You know my dad doesn’t have problem with me enjoying my life” I replied.
  • “That’s why I love your parents, I wish they were my parents” she said.
  • “But your parents are also cool” I replied her.
  • “They’re not cool like yours” she replied. “Yeah, they’re kinda strict” I said.
  • “where are the make-up artist, I need to look good today” I said.
  • “Hope the school god is coming?” she asked.
  • “He isn’t invited” I replied her with an eyeroll and she mouthed an oh.
  • “Answer my dawn question where are the makeup artist?” I asked again.
  • “We are here ma, we are very sorry for coming late” one of them replied.
  • “sorry for yourself, you guys are bunch of incompetent f*ols, come and do your work now, before I change my mind” I said and their boss rushed to my front.
  • “What are you trying to do?” I asked her. “Am trying to make you look more beautiful ma” she replied.
  • “Aren’t you going to wash that dirty hands of yours?” I asked because I don’t want them to touch my precious face with their dirty hands.
  • “Am sorry ma, where’s your bathroom?” she asked.
  • “Are you that daft, can’t you see the bathroom over there” I said pointing to the bathroom.
  • “Mia, try to be calming down, she only asked for the bathroom” Benita said.
  • “Shut up, if you don’t have something reasonable to say” I said.
  • “I am sorry” she said and cover her mouth with her palm.
  • Sorry guys I haven’t introduce myself, Am Mia the only child of my parents, you don’t need to know my age.
  • Am one of the students of champion college, yeah champion high is for the rich, And not for the poor, and thank God my father is one of the richest man in the country and he has the largest share in the school.
  • Enough of me, you will gat to know me well in the story. “Am back ma” the makeup artist said and clean her hand with a napkin.
  • Some hours later.
  • She is done with my makeup.
  • “Wow I look good, I don’t even recognize myself anymore.
  • “How’s it ma’am? “The makeup artist ask. “It’s better” I replied and smile at my friend.
  • “Benita how’s my makeup?” I asked her. But she was just looking at me like a fool without saying anything.
  • “Why are you not saying anything?” I asked. “Have you forgotten you told me to shut up the other time?” she asked.
  • “Common sense isn’t common, reply my question now” I replied her.
  • “You can’t even apologize” She said. “Am a queen, so I don’t have to apology” I replied.
  • “So back to my question, how’s my makeup?” I asked her.
  • “You look good, the artist really tried” she said.
  • “No she didn’t, I make her work easier, because I am very beautiful” I replied her.
  • “Arrogant fool” she said and ran out of the room. “Did she just say that to me?” I asked angrily.
  • “Yes baby there’s nothing you can do to me” she replied. “I will sure kill you if I lay my hand on you” I said.
  • “You can’t do anything, dress up we are getting late for the party” she said from outside, I will kill this girl one day.
  • Rated
  • Ryan P. O. V
  • “How do I look?” one of my friends girlfriend ask. “Wow, you’re looking good, I feel like eating you raw” I said and she blushed hard.
  • “Thank you Mr. handsome” she said smiling. “Where are you going to, because you dressed like an angel, what am I even saying, you’re an angel in human form” I said.
  • “Wow thank you” she said smiling sheepishly. “Fool, she doesn’t know I am trying to get into her pant.
  • “Let me help you with your zip” I said and move closer to her, I placed my hand in her gown.
  • I could see her melt within, Even with the slightest touch of my hand. I romance her back slowly.
  • Steadily my hands and fingers keep going down her soft skin, with my hand still romancing her back I used my other hand to cupped her breast, and I started squeezing it softly.
  • “Ah Ah Ah” she started moaning with her eyes closed. I pulled the gown down, still romancing her big boob.
  • I make her face me and I slam my lips on her she moan to the kiss. After kissing for some minutes, I lay her down on the couch.
  • I removed the gown from her body, she was putting on a lacy pant. I off the pant gentle like a gentle man I am.
  • Wow her pussy is pink, just the way I love it. I kissed down her neck.
  • And I romance her other boobs, even harder than before, rolling her nipple with my finger.
  • I insert my other finger to her wet p*ssy and she moan out loud. “Ahhh f*ck” she moan out.
  • “Hope you’re enjoying it?” I asked her. “yea, don’t stop….” She replied. “Your wish is my command ma” I said and increase the pace which I finger her.
  • “Ahhh” she moan and pour her p*ssy juice all over my hand. She reached for my trouser and brought out my member.
  • She stroke it slowly, not too fast darling. I said and move my head closer to her p*ssy I tease her clitoris with my tongue before diving in.
  • “Ahh, so sweet” she moan out. I stop eating her p*ssy I went to the other chair in the sitting room and sat on it, I put off my trouser and stroke my member slowly, I saw her lick her lips and I smile at her.
  • “Did you like what you are seeing?” I asked her. “Yes” she replied.
  • “Come and say that to my champion I said and she walked closer to me. You don’t need to blame me, this girl have been giving me body language for long, she’s a b*tch and she doesn’t deserve my friend, so am not at fault.
  • She was about putting my member in her mouth. Before my friend walked into the house.
  • “Shit!! Why did you have to come now” I said angrily.
  • “What are you doing with my girlfriend?” he yelled. “Relax am just trying to help her” I replied her. “You must be crazy” he said moving closer to me.
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