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Chapter 5 Claim Me

  • "Rhea." His voice was husky and deep, the hint of an accent i couldn't place in the understones. Dark eyes scanned my frame and the way they lingered made me swallow a shudder.
  • "Welcome," I lifted the cocktail trying to start a conversation. "Would you like something to drink....? I trained off again, hoping he would offer his name . They didn't always give one. That was fine. He didn't respond faster but he kept walking, stalking forwards like a predator. He was cornering me and I felt like a rabbit. The urge to flee raced up my spine but I couldn't do anything
  • "I would love a drink", He stopped in front of me and after a pause that felt too long, he finally reached out and circled his fingers over mine to accept the drink. His fingers were warm and he exhaled when his hand was over mine. The smile on my lips weakened, but thankfully remained in place.
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