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Chapter 2

  • In between the kisses some reality dawned on her. She had changed her mind but she realized that it was already too late, so she started struggling in his strong arms.
  • “No, I changed my mind. I want to go home.” Celine said with a trembling voice, she wasn’t even sure that he heard her.
  • But not long he spoke, this time his hands moved to her back and he held her tight on his body so that she could feel his bulge. For sure it was solid hard as a rock as she felt it on her abdomen.
  • With a hoarse voice he said “Not a chance. One thing for sure is that if I have you tonight you will belong only to me and nobody else. Do you understand?” He said with a domineering ego even Celine was surprised, why would the stranger desire unwanted woman like her?
  • “I….I can’t I am m…..” Celine didn’t finish her statement, she was sure she sounded like the most stupid married woman on earth. But why would her body behave? It was on fire right now and the strange man wasn’t helping by holding her and touching her with those magic hands like that. What should she do?
  • “I don’t care whether you are married or single. Keep that in your mind.” The man added.
  • He quickly tore her dress and before she knew it she was already on the huge and spacious bed. The man tied her hands and told her that today she was not allowed to touch him. He will be the one in action all the way down.
  • As she lay on the bed naked all exposed to his hungry eyes, all of a sudden she started feeling really shy. But the man was only getting started as a long night with pleasure lay ahead of them.
  • He smelled her skin and traced kisses on her cheeks down to her neck. She felt the desire run through her veins except that this time round it was untamed. The room temperature shot up suddenly and everywhere was now hot.
  • The slow sensual kisses he was giving her worked magic as she went to heaven and came back to earth. Not even their special moment with Nolan felt like this. But why the hell was she thinking about that jerk?
  • She was drowning in pleasure when his hands moved in between her legs. She exploded inside then she jerked her body upwards. She would have liked to touch him but she wasn’t allowed, what a shame to just watch all those sexy muscles go to waste.
  • Celine knew that she only wanted a one night stand and nothing more. She would never have another chance to touch and caress him.
  • “Please…I can’t take it” she murmured.
  • “You asked for it. So you have to be patient.” He was touching the right places and she was responding just like he had imagined. He had known from the very first time she came on to him that the woman was fierce in bed and she didn’t disappoint at all.
  • From tonight onwards he will make her his love slave. She will never be able to resist him or she wasn’t the most powerful man in the city. She will never be able to sleep with any other man and if she does, he will be forced to kill him.
  • He continued working wonders on her body until she felt her body explode again. “I am coming” she whispered as he leaned down to capture her mouth in to along sensual kiss. The kisses that she could never get enough of since he brought her in to the room
  • “Good “he chuckled mischievously and went on to say “I think now you are ready for me. I like it when you are so wet for me stranger” Wet…..she didn’t even realize that she was that obvious, the man must have been really an expert.
  • She opened her eyes and saw him unbuckle his belt and remove his pants exposing himself all to her stare. The thing was enormous she wondered if she will be able to take him all inside her.
  • “Wait” she muttered.
  • “You are chickening out on me right at this moment? I know exactly what I am going to do.”
  • He slowly climbed on top of her and locked his lips with hers again, he wanted to distract her attention before he buried himself deep inside her throbbing hole. It worked because before she could realize what was happening he had already entered her. He pushed himself only half way and whispered in a husky voice
  • “You are so tight, stranger”
  • She moaned with pain when his thrust became even deeper as it was a little uncomfortable to take him all inside. He started moving slowly in the beginning and increased in pace as the pleasure was building up between them.
  • A soft sound escaped his throat as they came again together. He laid back and held her in his chest loving the smell of her skin. He had enjoyed everything about her and he felt himself harden again.
  • “I want you”
  • “Please allow me to sleep even for a while. I am tired” she tried to open her heavy sleepy eyes but she couldn’t and the man was just insatiable.
  • What did she get herself in to? But at least she had experienced what pleasure is, instead of never giving her body what it was meant to feel. Her body was special and it deserved to be pleasured just exactly like the stranger was doing with her.
  • “No. You wanted this and I am going to satisfy you the way you deserve. With me there will be no sleep”
  • He said as he turned her up on her back to look at him and then he pushed her legs apart with his feet. She didn’t know what it was with the man but even before he laid a hand on her she was already soaking wet just from the anticipation.