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In Love With My Billonaire Husband's Brother

In Love With My Billonaire Husband's Brother


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • "Why wouldn't you go back to London!" Alex roared at Alan "Why is it such a big problem for you? I have my manager and the board of directors handling things for me in London. Why are you so threatened by my presence here?" He yelled back "Because you are ruining things for me Alan, you are making everything difficult for me! "
  • "You are making things difficult for yourself Alex, I did not want to have to report you to Father but I think that would be the best decision now since you have decided that embezzling company funds will be your metier now, "
  • Alex looked at him, resentment evident in his expression as he moved to come for Alan. Valerie, who was seated on the bed, sprang up to come in between them before things got more heated. Facing Alex and backing and holding Alan's hands, the expression on her face was one of worry and warning.
  • Alex looked irritated at the sight before him, he shoved her aside making her stagger, and hold on to the vanity mirror for support. A look of worry spread on Alan's face as he moved to help her.
  • Alex looked at them, his eyes shifting to scan the facial expressions that they wore, nodding his head, pursing his lips, and looking straight at Alan.
  • "Valerie, leave the room, " he said "Why should I leave, you both are about to tear yourselves to shreds! " she yelled, her voice filled with concern "Valerie get the fuck out of this room and find something to do! Go and knit, cook, or play with Kevin! " Alex roared, and Valerie nodded and left the room.
  • Closing the door behind her, she pressed her ears to the door, trying to listen in on their conversations "Why would you speak to a woman in that manner? " Alan asked "Because she is a woman, she isn't allowed to have an opinion, she isn't supposed to be butting in my affairs, she should stay in her lane and take care of my son!" Alex retorted harshly and Alan shook his head "We don't live in the 60's, this is the 21st century. Women shouldn't be treated like garbage, "
  • "We were having a sensible conversation here, it's not time for you to play hero and act like a fucking activist. And besides, this is my home, my home, my marriage, my rules. You are merely violating my rules and trying to incorporate yours,"
  • "She is a human being, you vile son of a bitch!" Alan snarled Outside the room, Valerie was contemplating whether to barge into the room or not because she did not like where this matter was headed.
  • "She is my wife! If you want a woman who'd be equal to you, marry someone and stop screaming at me for wanting to be superior in my home, "
  • "That doesn't matter Alex, nobody treats their wives like vegetables anymore, " Alan said "Nobody will tell me how to talk to my wife, she is my wife! I paid her dowry, which her deadbeat father owed me, and gave me her hand in marriage in exchange for a position in my company and a roof over his head. She owes me, "
  • Valerie couldn't hear much anymore and just as she thought that everything was over, what came out of Alan's mouth almost hauled her heart out of her chest.
  • "Perhaps I should tell you that I have been shagging your wife, " ……
  • ……
  • ……
  • ……
  • She pressed her ear against the door, her heart beating extremely fast as that revelation was uncalled for. Alan could have said something else and not have told him about them now.
  • As she moved to leave the area she heard pieces of furniture move and break.
  • "Alan! " she screams as she barges into the room and sees Alex sitting on Alan and punching him in the face. She rushes over to them as she screams and cries and moves to push him off of Alex and hold him in her chest, crying. Alex nods in realization and leaves the room angrily.
  • Blood gushed out of Alan's mouth and panic rose in Valerie's heart as she left him and rushed to the door "Someone! Fareeda! Come, Alan…, " she screamed and ran back to Alan as he was coughing out clots of blood. She made his head rest on both her laps, as she cried and screamed for help She rubbed his chest fervently and caressed his face with her thumb, her chest heaved up and down as she continued to shout for help.
  • Fareeda rushes in with a couple of other maids, confusion, and fear evident in their facial expressions.
  • She looks at the maid standing next to her and pushes her out of the room "Go and call the doctor! "
  • Fareeda rushes to where Alan lay and kneels next to him, she checks his pulse and nods her head. Just then the estate doctor enters the room with a couple of other nurses and a stretcher. Alan was placed carefully on the stretcher and was wheeled out of the room.
  • Valerie collapses on Fareeda, crying and screaming. Fareeda hugs Valerie, rubbing her back in the process.
  • "Clean all these messes up, " Fareeda instructed, and the other maids began cleaning the room.
  • With the help of another maid, Fareeda helped Valerie to her other room, and when they reached the room Fareeda dismissed the other maid.
  • She held Valerie's face, her beautiful face that was once filled with glee had now turned into one of anguish.
  • "He will be fine Val, " she assured Valerie and watched as Valerie managed to nod her head.
  • "You have to take a bath… you are covered in blood, " Fareeda said. Valerie stood up carefully and moved to check her complexion in the vanity mirror. Seeing herself covered in blood, Valerie nodded, forced a small smile, and watched Fareeda leave the room.
  • Valerie sat on the bed, a look of resignation on her face as she ran her hands through her hair. Her wet face and puffy eyes spoke volumes. She felt the urge to cry again as she felt a lump in her throat, her face contorted into one of despair and her lips quivered as she forced herself to hold the tears in. Tears formed in her eyes and she quickly cleaned them with the back of her hand. She stripped herself of her clothes and entered the bathroom.
  • As she scrubbed the blood off her body, images of Alex punching Alan clouded her memory, she held her head, hitting it on the glass door harshly, trying to force herself to forget that horrid scene. Blood trickled down her forehead and then she stopped. She grabbed her towel, walked out of the bathroom, and flopped on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, she envisioned how hard her life would have been without Alan in it.
  • When Alex returns from wherever he went he'd probably kill her next. She sighed at the thought of that. She hears her phone ring from under the pillows and she moves to answer the call.
  • "We have a problem. "