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Chapter 6

  • They arrived back home after two hours and it was in the evening. Henry parked the car, opened the door and got down from the car. He was just going straight to the house, and didn't utter a word to Aria as he got back to the car at the hospital and after he saw her body.
  • He was just acting somehow and couldn't really get himself. Aria was just looking at him and as she was trying to talk to him, he was just giving her attitudes. Aria looked round the compound with gentle face and going after Henry.
  • Door opened and closed. Aria ran to Henry as she stepped into the living room, and wanted to seek for his attention but Henry didn't respond just walking straight to his bedroom. "Is he okay? What happened?" Aria said with low voice as she heard the sound of Henry's room door closed loudly. She was standing at the corridor of the bedroom and facing her room.
  • "Hope it's not that I am making him to be scared or afraid of me" Aria said with low voice and feeling sad. "This is why I don't brother to see my body, because I don't think I can withstand it" She climbed the small staircase up and faced Henry's door, standing there for few minutes and decided to knock at the door.
  • "Don't do it" she drew her hand back as something spoke to her mind. She turned her eye balls and leaving the place, going back the living room and walking slowly. Henry was inside the bathroom and under the shower.
  • He was standing under it with the cloth on his body and with his eyes closed. He wasn't really feeling himself, and even he didn't understand how he was feeling because what he just saw was beyond his knowledge. He was using his hands to rub his hair, and turning his head.
  • He was feeling so uncomfortable, and his head was sounding like they were beating drum on it. "Ouch!!" Henry screamed out loudly and quickly opened his eye as the picture of Aria's body showed up from his vision. He off the shower, drew a small towel down from the hanger and leaving the bathroom.
  • He was using the towel to dry his head as he was coming out from the bathroom and looking so dull. He fell on the bed with the wet cloth, used the towel to cover his hand and rest his chest on the pillow.
  • "I am losing my mind and I can't think straight anymore" he said with low voice, opening his eye and closing them. "Her body is lying down at the hospital, and she is also here with me in my house. The spirit of the person in comma is in my house, and I am living with it" Henry said with loud voice.
  • "How is it even possible that I am the only one seeing her, the person that no any other people are seeing? does this don't even sound like insanity" He keeps talking to himself. "She is here in my house living like a normal person, causing troubles and even eating!" he said with loud voice, breathes out loudly and turned his body.
  • "This is really turning my head because I can't view it. I am seeing someone, feeling someone and even talking to someone that no other people are seeing. The person that I even saw her body at the hospital and praying for to come around soon" he rest his back on the pillow and facing the roof.
  • "I can't tell anyone about this now because they will think I am insane, and even they won't believe me" He breathes out again and didn't really feel himself. "It's not possible to be living with someone that no other people are seeing or talking to her. Doing this people will just think I am insane and that I am not in my right sense anymore" he said loudly.
  • "I don't think I can live with her or withstand this insanity anymore!" he said with loud voice. "Why is it even that I am able to see her when other people are not? Is there a reason behind it?" He asked himself those questions but nobody to put answer to it.
  • He removed the pillow from his back, laid down on the bed and continuing thinking.
  • ******
  • Aria was in the living room, sitting on the couch, rest her back and looking so calm. She was really concerned about Henry and how he could be feeling right now because she really understood how it could be to be living with someone and also saw the person's body at the hospital.
  • "Which condition is he now? I am so worried about him" Aria said with low voice and breathing slowly. "I need to go and check on him" Aria said with loud voice, got up and going to his bedroom.
  • She got there after few minutes, standing at the entrance and taking her time again. She folded her right figures and wanted to knock at the door. "You may make the way he is feeling worst, let him come out by himself while he has feel alright" her mind talked to her again and
  • she drew her hand from the door. She freed the figures, looked at the door and leaving the place. She got back to the living room, sat down on the couch and rested her back.
  • ×××××××
  • Few hours later, and it was at night. Aria was sitting in the living room at the same position that she was sitting since, and Henry hadn't come out from his bedroom. Aria opened her eye as she heard the sound of the door opened; she sat down properly as she saw Henry coming down to the living room and looking at him.
  • Henry sat down on the couch opposite to Aria and looking at each other. "Are you okay?" Aria asked but Henry didn't respond. Aria stood up, went to the fridge and got water for him.
  • She put it down on the floor at the front of him and went to sit down back. "Drink it, water will make you calm and feel alright" Aria said with low voice. Henry carried the bottle, opened it and drank little from the water. He closed the bottle back and put it down on the floor. "I will finished my master in two weeks time and I will have to return back home to my family; so with this I don't think we can continue living together" Henry said with low voice.
  • "But why? Going back home doesn't mean that we can't go together" Aria said with low voice. "I can't go home with someone that is invisible to other, so you have to find your way now" Henry said with loud voice. "But you are the only one seeing me and which I believe that it's you that can help me.
  • I can't leave you and we have to go together---"Aria was talking while Henry shouted. "Listen to me and listen well; I can't go with you and you can't force me to do so" Aria silent as he said so.
  • "I can't be living with someone that no other people are seeing. How do you want me to do that? Or you want people to be looking at me like a lunatic person?" Henry asked but Aria was unable to respond.
  • "Imagine now if someone enter and meet us talking without seeing you, what will they be thinking about me? So I think you have to get out of my life" Aria felt bad as he said so. "You forced yourself to be here, and I allowed you because I am the only one here but in a few weeks now I will be done and return back to my family" "I can understand everything you said but please help me and think about the advantages that could be there" Aria said with low voice.
  • "Spare me that! I can't allow you to turn me to a lunatic person in people's eye so please go and leave me alone. Stay far away from me, and let me be" Henry said with harsh tone. "I have met many people but none of them seen me; you are the only one and I think it's my luck.
  • My friend have been like this for years, and nobody is able to see him. Now I am the only hope that he has, and think maybe when I wake up I can help him too" Aria took a breathes. "It's two people you are going to help here, so please try to do that and don't think otherwise" Aria silent for few minutes and continued talking.
  • "I think there is a reason for this and about my friend too. So, please help us and let the truth shows up" Aria said with low voice, calm herself down and looking so sad. "I understand you but I want you to think about I and my friend too" Henry carried the bottle water, opened it and drank little from the water. He closed it and holding it. "You can decide on your final say, and I will obey it" Aria said with low voice and staring at him.
  • "I have decided and that is final. I want you to leave. All because I want to help, I can't let people turn me to a lunatic person so please take your leave" Henry said with loud voice and changed his look. "Okay! Fine, I will leave" Aria said with sad voice and got up on her foot.
  • "With many people that I have met and for its to be that you are the only one that is able to see me, that mean we have some benefit to gain or assistant to rather for each other. It may not be only from you to me, so think about that" Aria said with loud voice and going to her bedroom.
  • Aria entered into the room, off his t-shirt that she was putting on and wore her white gown that she came with. She had washed it so the stain had gone. She folded the t-shirt, put it on the bed and left the room. Door opened and closed. She got down to the living room, looking at Henry as she was walking to the entrance door and with tears on her face.
  • "Good bye!" Aria said with low voice and stopped walking. She was looking at him for some minutes. Henry was just bending his head down and didn't look up. "Good bye" Aria said again, opened the door and left the room. She cleaned the tears on her face as she got down to the compound, and started walking faster with sadness.