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Chapter 8 Pushy

  • “Take a long, hard look, Shi Nuan. Wei is so nice to you, so how could you—”
  • “F*ck off. I don't want to see either of you.” Shi Nuan scowled once she finally knew how Fu Xicheng saw her.
  • “Don't be like this, Nuan. We're family. You don't know how angry grandpa got after knowing this. H-He doesn't want us to drift apart over a small matter like this.” She grabbed Shi Nuan's hand, tears flowing freely down her face as she said emotionally, “You should know how much grandpa loves you, Nuan. I know I've hurt you this time, but please come home with me. Grandpa is going to be sad if you don't!”
  • Shi Nuan felt even sadder hearing that. “So you know that, huh? If you knew he would be sad, you shouldn't have done this. You knew he's my boyfriend, and yet you took him away from me anyway. You didn't think about grandpa back then. Don't you think you're selfish, Shi Wei?”
  • “Please, Shi Nuan, I beg you. You said yourself that Xicheng's just your boyfriend. You guys weren't engaged nor married, so it was okay for me to date him.”
  • “What did you say?” Shi Nuan couldn't believe what she was hearing. “So that's how you justify taking my boyfriend away from me?”
  • “That's not the case, Nuan. We just couldn't control ourselves.” Shi Wei held Shi Nuan's hand, persuading her like when they were kids. “You know how grandpa is like, Nuan. He said he won't agree to us marrying if you don't go back. Please come back with me, Nuan. Tell grandpa you don't like Xicheng.”
  • “Enough. You disgust me.” Shi Nuan did not expect Shi Wei to keep pestering her even after she had backed off. “I will not go back. What happens between you and Fu Xicheng has nothing to do with me, so leave. Now.”
  • Shi Nuan pried Shi Wei's hand off her, and quickly pulled out her keys to open the door. However, Fu Xicheng grabbed the handle before she could. He looked at Shi Nuan in confusion. “Can't we break up peacefully, Shi Nuan? Do you have to leave such a bad impression on me?”
  • Fu Xicheng felt heartbroken, and looked at Shi Nuan as if she was a criminal. “Don't think I owe you anything. I don't have a marriage contract with you, and me being together with Wei doesn't harm anyone else. She's your sister. Why can't you think for her?”
  • Shi Nuan felt a twinge in her heart, and it spread throughout her. She teared up, but tried her best to hold her tears back. Shi Nuan glared at Fu Xicheng angrily. She had not expected the man who once vowed to love her forever interrogate her in such a degrading manner. “Dive deep and ask yourself, Fu Xicheng. What did I do that was so wrong that you have to do this to me? You courted me back then, and you said you wouldn’t ever turn your back on me. It hasn’t even been that long since then. You want me to think of her? What about me? Have you guys ever thought about me?”