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Chapter 7 Shameless

  • Shi Nuan hailed a ride home after exiting Prosperous Dynasty. Because of her strained relationship with her parents, as well as for convenience, she chose to move somewhere closer to her workplace.
  • After she got out of the car, Shi Nuan stood at near her neighborhood, falling into a trance. Fu Xicheng was the one who had helped her when she was moving in. They had even promised to get engaged when the time was right, and then they would get married. She didn't expect it all to become a cruel joke, nor did she predict that she would be portrayed as the homewrecker.
  • Shi Nuan felt as if all the events of the day before had been a dream, a bad one. But it was real; it had happened.
  • “You're back, Nuan.” The moment Shi Nuan stepped out from the elevator, she saw Shi Wei standing outside her home, looking tense and anxious.
  • Shi Nuan furrowed her brows and turned to leave right there and then, but someone grabbed her arm. “Nuan.”
  • Shi Nuan stiffened. She wanted to fling Fu Xicheng's hand away, but he held her arm tightly. “Where did you go? Wei and I have been waiting for you the whole night. Don't you know that we'll get worried about you?”
  • “Worried?” Shi Nuan wanted to cackle. She looked up into Fu Xicheng's eyes. “Do you actually worry about me?”
  • “Please don't lash out at us, Nuan.” Shi Wei came over, her high-heels clicking on the floor. She pried Fu Xicheng's hand off Shi Nuan and grabbed her sister's hand instead. “I know what we did was wrong, but Xicheng and I love each other. You don't know how he went through hell the year you were gone. I was the one who had been taking care of him, so Nuan—”
  • “Hah! You're the one who has been taking care of him? Well, thank you then. You knew he was my boyfriend, and yet you took care of him for me? What are you planning, Shi Wei?!” Shi Nuan roared. When she felt a stab of pain coming from her arm, Shi Nuan frowned and flung Shi Wei away.
  • The latter screamed, staggered backwards, and fell down. Fu Xicheng quickly rushed over to her and held Shi Wei in his arms. When he looked at Shi Nuan, disappointment was apparent on his face. “You've gone too far, Shi Nuan. Even if your sister and I have broken your heart, what's done is done. I am engaged to her now, why won't you accept the truth?”
  • “I'm not accepting the truth? You're the ones who came here!” Shi Nuan did not expect Fu Xicheng to turn out this way. He was actually scolding her on Shi Wei's behalf. “Get this right - I blessed you guys during the engagement banquet. Do whatever you want! You can even get married for all I care, but just don't show up in front of me! It's disgusting!” Shi Nuan roared at both of them. “Scram! Now!”
  • “How can you yell at us, Nuan?” Shi Wei looked at her, disappointed, as if Shi Nuan was the one in the wrong here, not her. “Xicheng and I came here to clear things up with you. We didn't mean to hurt you. W-We really do love each other.”
  • “Really? You disgust me.” Shi Nuan looked at Shi Wei coldly. She used to think her sister was a weak woman. Since Shi Wei had saved her back then, Shi Nuan would give her everything she wanted, no matter what. However, that didn't mean she was easy to mess with. She thought back on all the times Shi Wei had snatched away the things she treasured. “If you like secondhand items that much, Shi Wei, then take it. Collecting filthy objects isn't my hobby.”
  • “Why you...” Fu Xicheng looked at Shi Nuan angrily. He raised his hand to slap her, but someone grabbed his arm mid-air.
  • Shi Wei shook her head pitifully as she held his arm with both hands. “Don't do it, Xicheng. Nuan is still young, so I don't blame her for being rude.”