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Chapter 15 Unbelievable

  • “Degrading? Do you know what you're talking about, Fu Xicheng?” Shi Nuan thought this man was laughable, unbelievable, even.
  • “I know you can't accept me being with Shi Wei for now, but you're still young. You will find someone who will love you. I am your brother-in-law now, Nuan. I won't hurt you.” Fu Xicheng said. He paused when he called himself as her brother-in-law. A moment later, he looked at her hesitantly, and he noticed that she had gotten prettier after a day of not meeting her.
  • “Well, thanks for your concern then.” She sneered. “But please don't show up in front of me ever again.” She could let it go like Elsa if she wanted. Even though she couldn't let go of her love for him for now, the woman would not allow herself to be weak in front of him.
  • “Why must you do this, Nuan? Just let me go. It's over between us. I love Wei a lot.”
  • “Alright, alright, I get it. You love Shi Wei a lot. Gross. What do you want me to do then? You don't like me finding trouble with you? Well. I don't like you prancing around like a carousel. See, the problem here is that I took a step back, but you didn't. Life is made up of little concessions and compromises, you know.” Shi Nuan couldn't understand what he was thinking.
  • What makes him think I can get along with them as if nothing happened after they hurt me so deeply? Do they think I'm Mother Mary or something?
  • “Do you know about how much Wei has to suffer at home just so you won't get into trouble? Wei and I love each other, but your grandfather won't bless us! This is all because of you, Nuan! Don't you feel the least bit guilty?”
  • “Guilty? Hah! We aren't in a court, Fu Xicheng, so drop the judge act. You aren't fit for it, you clown. Why should I feel guilty when both of you are in the wrong? Now, please, leave my line of sight immediately.”
  • “Shi Nuan!” Fu Xicheng looked at her incredulously. He couldn't imagine the docile woman who agreed to everything he said and thought about him all the time would turn out this way. “How could you? You disappoint me. And to think I promised Shi Wei that you wouldn't hurt us because you're her sister. I was wrong about you.”
  • “Damn right you are, Fu Xicheng. Did you leave your brain at home today? What woman would forgive a man who cheated on her as well as the b*tch who took him away? How dare you ask me to be nice to you two? I am not a saint, and I am not someone whom you can bully easily, you prick! And get this right. I'm the one who was wrong about you. I must have been blind to fall for an asshole like you back then, so f*ck off. Now!”
  • Shi Nuan thought she would go crazy if this conversation with Fu Xicheng kept up.
  • “Why must you do this, Shi Nuan? Is it because of that man? Who was he? The man who sent you back? What did he say to you to make you so unreasonable? It's only been a day.” Fu Xicheng couldn't accept Shi Nuan treating him this way, so he thought the man in the black car had made her this way. “You weren't this kind of woman back then.”
  • “So what kind of woman was I? The kind who listens to you, calls you 'master', and meows at you all day like a cat? The kind who follows your every order like a Golden Retriever in obedience class? Even you yourself said that our relationship needed some trials and tribulations to strengthen it. The company needs my skills, so you sent me overseas on a business trip. You didn't even let me call you often while I was away! Have you been scheming since then, Fu Xicheng, huh? Was sending me overseas a plan for you to hook up with Shi Wei in my absence?!”