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Chapter 7 Sold To The Alpha

  • My mother's facade of authority was slipping, and beneath it, I saw a flicker of surprise – as if she hadn't anticipated my resistance.
  • This was a battle I was determined to win. I had emerged from the darkness she had thrown me into, stronger and more independent than before. Her attempts to exert control over me were a stark reminder of the pain she had inflicted in the past. But now, I was armed with a newfound strength and a fierce determination to live life on my own terms.
  • "You have no right to control my life! You abandoned me when I needed you the most, and now you waltz in here with your commands?" My voice quivered with the intensity of my anger, my nails digging into my palms as I struggled to contain my emotions. The audacity of my mother's actions was beyond comprehension. I had endured enough heartache caused by her choices; I refused to allow her to trample over my life again.
  • My mother's infuriating smile only fueled my rage, as if she found amusement in my turmoil. The condescension in her expression was a direct assault on my autonomy, a blatant attempt to undermine me and my choices. But I wasn't the helpless girl I once was; I had fought my way out of her manipulative grasp.
  • "You've grown quite a backbone, haven't you? But let me make this clear: I've made up my mind, and as far as I'm concerned, my decision stands." Her words dripped with a dismissive arrogance that pushed me closer to the edge. It was as if she reveled in wielding control over my life, as if my opinions and feelings held no weight.
  • Her indifference to my emotions only fueled my anger. It was clear she had some agenda, some twisted desire she wanted to fulfill through me. The realization that my mother was using me for her own ends was a bitter pill to swallow.
  • "Why are you doing this? Weren't you the one who wanted me as far away from him as possible? You're well aware of the pain he's caused me, the disgrace I brought upon you," I couldn't help the tremor in my voice, the mixture of hurt and indignation that spilled forth. Her motives were baffling, and her actions felt like a betrayal of everything she had once preached.
  • Her response was laced with bitter irony, and I stared at her in disbelief. This woman, who had lectured me relentlessly about the forbidden nature of loving a werewolf, was now practically thrusting me back into his world. The inconsistency was maddening.
  • Her smirk twisted the knife even further, a mockery of my struggles and emotions. My own mother seemed to take pleasure in my discomfort, as if my pain was her entertainment.
  • "Thank you? Thank you for what? For manipulating my life to serve your own agenda? For disregarding the pain I've endured because of him?" My voice dripped with a mixture of sarcasm and anger, my restraint finally crumbling as the turmoil within me erupted like a storm. I was done playing by her rules, done letting her control my life. It was time to stand up for myself, no matter the consequences.
  • Her mother's actions, her motivations, were like a puzzle with missing pieces, leaving me both frustrated and infuriated. I refused to accept this decree, to submit to my mother's whims once more. No matter the cost, I would not become a pawn in this twisted game.
  • I was surprisingly proud of my decision, a surge of determination coursing through me. This shocked even me; I had never stood up to my mother in this way before. But I was done with her manipulation, done with being her puppet.
  • She seemed relentless in her pursuit, as if she didn't care about the turmoil her decisions caused me. I had done everything in my power to move on from Lucian over the years, to mend my shattered heart. I had managed to find a semblance of peace, a life away from his memory. And now, my mother wanted to come crashing back into my life, destroying the progress I had fought so hard to achieve.
  • His presence would undo me, drag me back into that abyss of pain and heartache. I couldn't let that happen, not when I had worked so hard to rebuild myself. I couldn't allow her to control my life anymore.
  • "I did not ask for your help," I retorted, my voice a mixture of frustration and anger. My head was throbbing, a steady ache behind my eyes. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples, a small attempt at finding some solace. It usually worked, but not today.
  • My mother's actions had reached a new height of absurdity. This particular demand had topped all the other outrageous ones she had thrown at me. "Well, it is too late my dear. Nothing can be done now," she said, her voice dismissive as she turned away from me.
  • It was clear she was hiding something, and a sense of dread settled over me. I wanted to confront her, to demand answers, but I was conflicted. Did I really want to know? Could whatever she was about to say be worse than what I already knew?
  • "What do you mean?" I finally asked, my voice coming out steadier than I felt. I had to know, no matter how much I feared the truth. Whatever my mother had done or orchestrated, I was prepared to face it.
  • "How do I put this now… well… I sold you to him," her words hit me like a ton of bricks, the shock rendering me momentarily speechless. I stared at her in utter disbelief, struggling to process her confession. It felt like the ground had been ripped out from under me, leaving me suspended in a terrifying void of uncertainty.
  • My mother's revelation left me in a state of shock, my emotions swirling like a tempest within me. Her eyes were empty, void of any remorse, any hint of understanding of the gravity of her actions. My mouth hung open as if I could catch the fragments of my shattered world before they fell apart completely. "You what!?" I managed to choke out, my voice a fragile whisper that barely carried the weight of my disbelief.
  • My mother's words echoed in my mind, a painful refrain that I couldn't escape. "Yes, you belong to the alpha now, this is what you always wanted." Her voice held a sickening sort of satisfaction, as if she had played the ultimate trick and won the game. How could she be so callous? How could she turn something so personal, so delicate, into a casual transaction?
  • The shock and the reality of her words overwhelmed me. This was something beyond any boundary of cruelty I had ever imagined. The idea that she could sell me, treat me as some sort of bargaining chip, was beyond comprehension. Anger surged within me, a burning fire that threatened to consume everything in its path.
  • "You heard me correctly, Alicia. Yes, you belong to the alpha now. Pack your things and get ready, you need to leave tomorrow," my mother's voice was like nails on a chalkboard, grating against my already frayed nerves. The nonchalant way she said it, as if she was discussing the weather, infuriated me beyond words.
  • My gaze bore into her, a mix of fury and sorrow swirling in my eyes. Did she have any inkling of what this meant to me? Could she possibly understand the years of pain and struggle I had gone through to regain a semblance of normalcy after he abandoned me?
  • "Get out of my house and never appear before me again!" I spat out the words, my voice low but dripping with venom. I couldn't bear to look at her any longer, the sight of her was a reminder of all the ways she had betrayed me, of the years she had left me to fend for myself.
  • As I pushed her out and slammed the door shut, a heavy weight settled in my chest. The truth of what she had done was inescapable, a stark reality that left me feeling hollow and broken. I collapsed to the floor, my sobs echoing in the empty room. How could she do this? How could both she and Lucian agree to such a despicable arrangement?
  • The anger within me was a storm that refused to be quelled. I threw things around, my frustration and helplessness manifesting in each crash and bang. I was drowning in a sea of emotions, struggling to keep my head above the tumultuous waves. How dare they? How dare they treat me as if I was nothing more than a piece of property to be traded?
  • My heart ached with a pain I had thought long buried, the wound torn open anew by the betrayal of those I had once trusted. I had fought so hard to rebuild my life, to move beyond the scars he had left on my heart, and now it seemed like all of that effort had been in vain. The walls I had carefully built around my emotions were crumbling, and the flood of despair threatened to drown me once again.