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Chapter 7

  • Veronica Philip
  • I woke up in an unfamiliar bed feeling happy and fulfilled. I looked at myside hoping to find Noah but the bed side was empty and a note was placed in his place.
  • "Sorry for not being there .. I had a good time but am sorry It was just a one time thing. I asked the hotel manager to arrange some food and clothes for you . Please take this money and don't look for me again. Ignore me like I will surly ignore you in school. Bye Noah. " I read the note out loud. I finished reading just as my heart started breaking. It's a lie's not true.
  • Realization drawn unto me ,it was already late for me to turn back time. I gathered the rest of my little dignity which was nothing . putting on my clothes and glasses and left the hotel room not bothering with the food or his money,there could all go to hell. I don't need his charity.
  • I gave him my whole self,body and soul last night and all he wants to give me was his money and food. His a bastard. But I felt a connection with him. There's no way he couldn't have felt something. Last night was magical or so I thought.
  • I sneaked out of the hotel sliently making sure nobody saw me until I got out of the building. I walked fast to the parking lot but the sound of camera flashing made me pause my step.
  • "Doing the work of shame aren't we Victoria." Dickens irritating voice said to me. He held a camera in his hands.
  • "Why are you doing this ?why are you here?, what's your intention." I said to him desperately trying to end the conversation. I wasn't actually in good shape. My female parts were hurting from how rough Noah was last night. My legs were both shaking. I needed a good bath.
  • " Nothing just trying to get rid of you before you open your loud mouth. It's nothing personal just trying to save my reputation that's worth more than yours." Dicken said laughing.
  • " What do you mean?." I asked. What was he planning now.
  • " You are a nerd.. you aren't supposed to be stupid. All this was planned by me , Noah was just the prawn. I gave him my ceo position in agreement to this dare which he just did. I can't afford my reputation getting ruined if our peer group finds out am gay."
  • All this for his reputation. He made Noah Williams take my virginity like it was some kind of play. I had to talk to Noah. He was going to pay. They both will.
  • "And now sweetheart,Everybody is going to see all the pictures I had taken with you and Noah. And also intimate pictures of you both. Bye sweetheart... now you know curiosity kills the cat."he said taking another picture of me before driving off to with his car towards the school direction.
  • My reputation is ruined even though I had none. There's no way I was going to face everybody in school. Dickens won this round but the next time am not so sure.
  • I hailed a cab back to my father's mansion. The bodyguard at the duty post looked at me in surprise and relieve.
  • "Welcome miss , your father has been looking everywhere for you."
  • " Let him Know am back and I would like to see him."
  • I walked into my room straight to the shower. It's was like am dreaming and I wanted to wake up from this horrible dream. Tears drops left my eyes at the replay of what just happened in the last twenty four hours.
  • Noah Williams decieved me,took my virginity and dumped me. He was going to pay even if it's the last thing I do.
  • I was happy I was in the shower, nobody was going to hear my large sobs. After about fourty five minutes of staying in the bathtub I came out of it wearing my robe walking into my room.
  • My father was sitted patiently on my bed waiting for me,his legs crossed with a stern look on his face. His eyes held worry ,he looked displeased and disappointed. Has he found out about what happened. Has the new of the shameless nerd girl and the school bad boy having sex in a hotelreached his ear. Bad news travelled fast.
  • "Were have you been young lady?."he said in a scolding tone. His two arms crossed.
  • My father wasn't the one to beat round the bush. If he has seen the pictures he would have said something immediately.
  • "I'm sorry." Was all I could say shamefully bending my head.
  • "I thought you are a responsible adult,that why I allow you to move freely but now you have proven me otherwise. Staying outside all night without responding my calls. What is your phone for if you aren't going to you it Victoria. What do you have to say for your self young lady." He seperated his hands from eachother and place it on his waist.
  • " I'm sorry dad." My father has always been my rock ever since my mom left . I knew nothing of her since I was a baby and my dad doesn't like talking about it. So I never bothered asking.
  • "It's ok Vicky. I understand you are an adult and would like to do things on your own without supervision but next time take a bodyguard with you so I will know you are safe and I won't die of an heart attack or high blood pressure." My dad said kissing my temple.
  • " Yes Dad. Thanks I love you so much you ..won't understand"
  • "I love you too honey."he hugged me. I rested my head on my father's chest. God knows how much I need it to talk to Noah Williams one more fucking time.
  • "The bodyguard said you have something to discuss with me." My dad as being begging me to go to London to oversee the business there. He thought it was the best way to start my training. And now I think this is the best opportunity to accept his over. I couldn't show myself in school again not after what happened.
  • " Yes Dad. I finally agreed to go to London."