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Chapter 2 The story of Susannah 1

  • The Virani lived in hiding in the drawls, a magical forest realm that bordered a human kingdom, Bandaria. They brought stability and peace to the kingdom, but the Bandarians never believed this, they hated the witches like a plague. Their king, William, hated mystical creatures and sorcerers the most and would kill anyone of them on sight. Hence, the witches were forced to live in hiding and were forbidden to reveal their powers whenever they visited the human world for fear of getting killed.
  • Susannah was a young witch who had been born into the Virani during the war. A few days after her birth, her mother escaped an ambush with the help of her father and a few other witches, and they ran into a forest, creating a barrier around it with their powers to protect them from the humans who might want to attack them later. Her father, the last wizard, died shortly after being unable to sustain from the silver wounds inflicted on him by the humans, giving his final power to sustain the barrier. The Virani was created by the last group of witches who survived the great attack that wiped out the wizards. Her mother, Gabrielle was put in charge of the Virani and the drawls (their home), as she was the most powerful witch amongst them, and she had given birth to an even more powerful witch, Susannah.
  • Susannah, its time for dinner, come on down or your food will get cold!
  • Susannah was daydreaming, recalling the story of her people and how they ended up in the drawls when her mother snapped her out of her thoughts.
  • Ok, Mama, she said in response to the call from her mother Gabrielle. Im ready, Mama, after coming downstairs, she sat at the table and was served a plate of newt eyes and froggy toes amongst other raw body parts from the pond creatures.
  • Hmmm, looks delicious, she drooled as she began to gobble her meal.
  • Susannah honey, when you finish eating, theres something I want you to do for me, okay?
  • Ok, Mama, she replied as she stuffed her mouth full.
  • After Susannah had finished eating, she went to meet her mother who was tending to the forest creatures, birds, deers and rabbits; the pets of the Virani outside of their small cottage.
  • Im all done, Mama, thank you for the food, she said, calling her mothers attention.
  • Gabrielle tapped the space beside her on the rock where she sat. Come and sit down dear.”
  • After Susannah sat down beside her, her mother heaved a sigh before continuing.
  • The barrier is getting weaker, there are not many of us left as we still had your father when we created the last one.
  • As Gabrielle was speaking, Susannah remembered when her mother told her about the wizards; their male counterparts, they were much more powerful than the witches but were few in numbers compared to them. Thanks to the humans, they were no longer in existence as her father, who had died two centuries ago, was the last wizard.
  • Now that the wizards are no longer with us, we are unable to reproduce and save the continuation of our kind. I called you here because you are the youngest witch amongst us. As the rest of us have already passed our peak and our powers have declined. I believe you are now mature enough to go into the human world.”
  • Susannah looked up at her mother with a surprised face. Why did she want her to go into the human world? What for? As if sensing her thoughts, Gabrielle continued,
  • We need to make a new barrier, even though there is no hope of continuing our existence, we should still save what we have left of the rest of us. As you clocked 200 yesterday, which is the beginning of the adult stage of a witchs life, your powers are at their highest level, which means you are now the strongest and fastest amongst us, hence you are perfect for going to Bandaria to gather ingredients for the spell which will be used to create a new barrier.
  • But I dont even know where to start, Susannah confessed as her face showed nothing short of confusion.
  • “I will guide you, Gabrielle replied. Its not very hard, there is a witch Priya, a former member of the Virani who has been able to live amongst the humans unnoticed. We go to her whenever we need anything from there. You will go to her with a list that I will give you and tell her that you are Gabrielles daughter, Susannah. She knows who you are as she left here when you were about 50 years old. You might not remember her as you were still very young then but she will surely remember you. She will help you to find the ingredients.
  • Ok, Susannah nodded, replacing the confusing feeling with that of nervousness.
  • There is one warning I will give to you that you must never forget, Gabrielle said to her. You must never tell anyone who you are or where you come from. No one must ever know that you are a witch, and you must never use your powers when you are there, no matter the situation. Do you understand me?
  • Susannah was aware of the former attacks on the witches and other creatures, even though she had never witnessed any, she had heard enough scary stories from her mother to understand the resentment humans had against witches.
  • Yes, Mama, I will never tell anyone, Susannah responded.
  • Gabrielle then handed her two notes.
  • “Ok now, here is the list of everything you will need along with a note for Priya. She lives on the outskirts of the kingdom so you shouldnt wander off too far towards the main town as its more dangerous for you there. I will repeat my warning to you Susannah; NEVER EVER tell anyone that you are a witch, and NEVER use your powers while you are there, do you understand me?”
  • Susannah gave a little chuckle, not to ease the tension she felt inside but to assure her mother that everything would be all right.
  • “Do not worry mama, I wont forget all that you have taught me, I promise I will never tell anyone, and she meant it.