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Chapter 2

  • Alora turned smiling politely and asked, “Yes Sir, what can I do for you”
  • At first, the boy lost his heart at her smile after composing himself he said, “Actually one of our friend was not feeling well so he went to his room, room number 1304 can you please take his food to his room”
  • Alora nodded and took some food and walked away to the room number given by the boy.
  • The moment Alora disappeared the other boy said, “Man, what the hell are you doing? You first drugged Edric and now you sent that innocent girl to his room”
  • “You know he might end up raping her, and she doesn’t looks like those girls, she is innocent”
  • The other boy smirked and said, “I am doing this for our friend, after that bitch Layla cheated on him he had blocked himself and I want our saint to lose his virginity to this goddess”
  • He looked at the other two boys and said, “You never know he might thank me later, because I don’t think any man can hold himself back in front of this eternal beauty”
  • On the other hand, Alora reached room number 1304 and knocked on the door and was patiently waiting for the door to open, and when the door opened it was so fast that before she could understand she was already thrown on the bed and food was thrown on the floor.
  • She was so scared she tried to get up, but Edric hovered over her blocking all her moves, he just murmured, “I am really sorry” and attacked her lips.
  • His actions were rough but he still tried to control himself because her skin is so soft that he was scared to harm her.
  • Edric’s POV
  • I was boozing with my friends and suddenly I felt uneasy so they suggested that I might be tired because of the long journey so I headed towards my room asking them to send my food to my room.
  • I was lying on my bed and tossing and turning because of the immense heat in my body. After some time I heard a knock on the door, I managed to get up and walked towards the door and opened the door.
  • I was unable to believe my eyes, I had never seen anyone this beautiful in my life, she looks like a princess of fairyland, her long straight hair reaching till her waist.
  • Her flawless white skin, her blue eyes, her slender spotless neck, her glossy lips believe me the moment my eyes fell on her pinkish lips I lost all my control and pulled her in my arms and the food in her hand fell down on the floor.
  • The moment my hands touched her wrist I felt like I got water after wandering in the desert for a long time. At this moment I want to quench my thirst but at this moment I also decided that even if she is married or she has a boyfriend I will make her mine.
  • She will only belong to me, she will be known as Mrs. Edric Rodriguez and today I can’t stop myself from marking her as mine.
  • I don’t know what happened to my body today but I couldn't stop myself and I crashed my lips on her glossy super soft lips, I had to control myself so badly because I was scared that I might harm her.
  • Her skin is soft like a newborn baby and a little pinch makes her skin turn red. I pushed her into the bed without breaking the kiss and avoiding her struggle.
  • She is trying her best to push me with her little strength, her voice oh! God, how can someone have such an angelic voice?
  • I want to wake up hearing this angelic voice, she said, “Sir, please leave me you are not in your right senses”
  • I said, “I know, something is off with me but believe me I fell in love with you the moment my eyes fell on you, just remember one thing you belong to me Edric Rodriguez, never forget your husband’ s name”
  • And before she could say anything more I locked her lips with mine.
  • I hated her clothes which were a hindrance between us; I tore her clothes and started painting her whole body with my hickeys.
  • Now she was only in her inners, I was unable to part my lips from her; the softness of her lips is killing me.
  • I wanted to bite her so hard but my heart didn’t allow me to harm her in any way. This is my first time getting this intimate with any girl, and this best I could imagine in my life.
  • Alora’s POV
  • I was pushing him with all my strength but he is too strong, I was scared I already started crying and begging him to stop I never want to lose my virginity like this, the way he is talking it looks like he is a psycho, like who proposes a girl, who is beneath him and he is forcing himself on her.
  • Authors’ POV
  • Edric was heavily drugged so his physical desire was too much to handle, but his mind was intact he will marry this girl. He had never felt like this for anyone, not even his first girlfriend Layla.
  • People think that he never dated anyone after Layla because he loved Layla too much, but the fact is after seeing Layla sleeping with his best friend he was angry but not hurt.
  • Because he was still not sure that he wanted to marry Layla and spend the rest of his life with her but at this moment after seeing Alora he is sure that she is the only girl in this world who will be his bride.
  • He noticed her from the time she was taking orders; she was very much professional and she was not interested in any of the boys.