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Chapter 18 : No Sharing

  • Genina was talking about how she was so irritated and annoyed when Julian came inside the room and winked at her. She is literally killing him with her glares but he just wouldn’t budge. He even wanted to grab lunch with Genina which made her even angrier.
  • “Damn him! Damn him! Really!” She cursed as she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration.
  • She really looked annoyed about Julian and I don’t get it. I think they look good together and I am starting a new ship. GeniLian ship. Mehe. Nice ship name, though.
  • “Are you just going to watch me burst like this?” She exasperated and I shrugged. What does she want me to tell her? For me, it’s about time that she finds her match. And Julian is really a good match for her. Hell, I would die to see this bickering couple every day.
  • She rolled her eyes on me and sighed heavily. “I’m so going to laugh at you when Knight starts to date Serena.” She told me and I laughed at her.
  • Sister, Knight is already dating me. No more Serena anymore, unless that brainiac decides to seduce my man.
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