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Hello, Captain Pilot, My Ex-husband

Hello, Captain Pilot, My Ex-husband

Lyanna Weaver

Last update: 2024-07-25

Chapter 1 Divorcing After Four Years Of Secret Marriage

  • At Whitland Villa.
  • Two bodies were tangled together as their hot breaths intertwined. The man's body temperature was scalding to the touch, and the air was thick with the scent of sex.
  • The man's thick member burrowed through the tight channel and struck the woman's sensitive cervix, causing her body to stiffen. Pleasure coursed through her, and she couldn't help but pant heavily.
  • “Mm... Yes... Right there...”
  • She stroked the well-defined angles of the man's pectoral muscles as the terrifying large organ pumped into her relentlessly. Every thrust scratched that itch deep within her most sensitive part.
  • As a result of the man's vigorous actions, white foam clung to their connected parts. Mind blank with the pleasure, the woman subconsciously tightened her lower region, causing the man to let out a low groan. Beneath her thighs, she could feel his muscles tensing, while the organ inside her seemed to grow hotter and hotter. Finally, he achieved his orgasm and released inside her.
  • For the next minute, Ashlyn Berry was consumed by the mind-numbing pleasure. She looked as if she had just taken a shower, the entirety of her petite figure drenched in sweat. Eyes half-lidded, she gulped in air, trying but failing to close her trembling legs. Her nether lips were red and swollen, white liquid streaming out of it.
  • She lay limply atop the soaked bedsheets, feeling for the Spirogyra within her.
  • There was nothing.
  • There really was no response at all!
  • To Ashlyn's surprise, the Spirogyra within her was no longer reacting to the man. It was quiet, as though its venom had never attacked her at all!
  • I've been waiting for this day for a long time!
  • Ashlyn hooked her arms around the man's waist from behind, pressing her beautiful face against his broad back.
  • “Honey, I'll move out tomorrow. Is that fine with you?” Ashlyn asked with a smile.
  • Yesterday, her husband, Lucas Nolan, had brought up divorce.
  • After a bout of lovemaking today, she was ready to accept his request, even voluntarily saying she would move out.
  • “No need. I plan on giving you Whitland Villa.” Lucas' expression was cold, his tone devoid of anything that would give his emotions away.
  • Curving her lips into a smile, Ashlyn uttered sweetly, “Honey, we agreed that I wouldn't take anything after we divorced. After four years of marriage, we'll each go our separate ways now. Isn't this great?”
  • Is she that desperate to leave here?
  • Lucas felt a surge of irritation at the thought.
  • “Don't you love money?” Lucas honestly had no idea what was going through her mind.
  • “I believe you'll be happy I held up my end of the agreement.” Feeling bored with the conversation, Ashlyn let go of Lucas. “I'm taking a shower.”
  • A moment later, the sound of running water came from the bathroom. The droplets pattered onto Ashlyn's body as she stood under the showerhead.
  • On a rainy day four years ago, she was told by the hospital that she had contracted the Spirogyra, a parasitic worm.
  • It was an almost extinct and deeply mysterious creature. Whenever it infected a woman, she would suffer from unbearable agony if she didn't have sex with men, thereby shortening her lifespan.
  • Click!
  • The bathroom door was opened before Lucas strode in naked. His face was expressionless as he said, “I'll take a shower with you.”
  • After four years, Lucas had grown a little attached to Ashlyn. He liked how gentle and thoughtful she could be and her absolutely perfect body. Other than romance, they were in tune with each other in all other manners.
  • Twisting her head, Ashlyn stared at the alluring man before her.
  • Her soon-to-be ex-husband was not only the heir to Nolan Group, a corporation worth hundreds of billions, but also the celebrity captain of South Star Airlines.
  • With a handsome face and a body that even models would be jealous of, he was the dream man of many women.
  • However, this didn't include her.
  • At that moment, Lucas yanked her toward him, pressing their lower bodies together again.
  • When Lucas tried to slip inside her once more, Ashlyn blocked his way with a hand. A smile curved her eyes as she declared, “We're about to divorce.”
  • Frowning, Lucas replied, “As long as we don't get our Certificate of Divorce, you're still my wife!”
  • With that, he forcefully pushed inside.
  • The night went by in a haze after that.