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Chapter 1381 The Scheme Of Ares

  • The guard retorted indignantly, “The colonel has given us the instruction to stop anyone from entering the mine. We hope you can cooperate with us.”
  • Zeke sighed in disappointment and was about to leave.
  • Julian let out a mirthless laugh, “Zeke, do you think that you’re still in your heyday? Now, you’re just a useless man who holds an insignificant title.”
  • Ares, too, sneered, “If I’m not wrong, you’ve come to beg the King Class warrior in the Spirit Stone mine, so he could help you restore your foundations, right? Too bad, you don’t deserve to meet him at all.”
  • “But I do have good news for you. I’ve become a King Class warrior now. Beg me, and I might help you restore your foundations, considering the fact that you’re my son-in-law,” he added.
  • Zeke cast a disdainful look at Ares, “I’ll never bow to you even if I have to die.”
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