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Enslaved By The Ruthless Vampire Lord: Her Second Chance Mate

Enslaved By The Ruthless Vampire Lord: Her Second Chance Mate


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • *****
  • "Oh yes, right there my lord, oh yes…" a woman's erotica voice filled the air, as the bed shook violently.
  • "Arhh, fuck…." The slut underneath him moaned, drooling as he slammed her hole hard.
  • "My lord, you're so good, arhh…" she screamed in ecstasy, and he groped her waist from behind, delving deeper into her pussy hole, as her hands gripped the sheets, trying to take his hard thrusts.
  • "Take it like the cheap whore you are.." he groaned in a low voice, increasing his pressure on her.
  • "Yes my lord, please fuck this whore harder.." she cried out and Rhys obliged and he fuckrd her mercilessly.
  • Several more minutes passed and Rhys finally reached his orgasm, he grabbed the sluts waist, filling her up with his cock as he came.
  • "Oh god, lord Rhys, you're the best" the slut screamed as she experienced an orgasm too, he pulled his cock out of her, and climbed off the bed, as he removed the condom from his cock, discarding it.
  • "Get up and leave, I'm done with you.." he said coldly to the woman on the bed, and he grabbed a rope.
  • "Lord Rhys.." she got up weakly on her knees, completely naked, as Rhys's eyes remained settled on her face, not bothering to look at her body.
  • "This is the best sex, I've ever had, I don't mind if we go again my lord.." she smiled seductively at him, staring at the handsome lord.
  • "Come here.." he beckoned, with a cold voice, and she quickly climbed off the bed, enthusiastic for the things he would do to her.
  • "My lord.." She stopped in front of him fully naked, but what came next was not what she expected. he latched his fangs on her throat drawing blood out of her.
  • "Get out…" he ordered coldly, and the slut found herself dashing to grab her clothes and she left the room in a hurry.
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • "Come on Naya, mom's waiting" Zara beckoned at Naya to hasten up with her dressing.
  • "How do I look?" Naya asked, her face beaming with smiles as she showed up in her beautiful ball gown.
  • "You look great" Zara smiled back at her, her sister really looked beautiful.
  • Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail tail, leaving strands at the front, with a beautiful black ball gown.
  • "You too Zara, you look pretty" Naya admired her sister.
  • "I'm sure Ralph will love you in this dress, he will not be able to take his eyes off you" Naya fawned, Ralph was her sister's mate and tonight was the mating ceremony, the night her sister Zara would go to her mate.
  • "I know right" Zara sighed sitting on the bed as she stared at her sister in admiration.
  • "I'll miss you so much, Naya, I will" she frowned, this will be the first time she'll be living away from her family and it hurts so much to live far away from them, especially Naya.
  • "Me too," Naya muttered, sitting beside her sister.
  • Zara was two years older than her, she was eighteen years old, and today happened to be her birthday.
  • She'll finally get to see who her mate was tonight, Zara had longed found hers, tonight will be their mating ceremony.
  • "Don't be too sad, hmm" Zara placed her hand on her hair, stroking it gently.
  • "Don't ruin your makeup, you have to look beautiful for whoever your mate will be '' Zara said as they both laughed.
  • "I will.."
  • "Come on now, mom and dad must be waiting" Zara helped Naya stand up from the bed, they took another look at themselves, making sure they looked perfect, before heading for the ceremony.
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • "The moon looks so peaceful Zara," Naya said, looking up at the sky.
  • "It should, today's our day" Zara smiled.
  • "You find your mate, I mate with mine" she said as they walked hand in hand down the stairs.
  • "Look at my beautiful girls" the Luna and their mother Avery, walked towards them and she opened her hands wide for a hug.
  • "Mom" they both called in unison hugging their mother at the same time.
  • "What took you so long?" Avery questioned,
  • "We needed to look perfect mom" Zara replied,
  • "Come on girls, we don't have time, and you look perfect in whatever you wear, your dad is waiting.." she said, leading them to where the party was taking place.
  • "You man looks handsome today" Zara teased her mother, referring to her father, who was having a toast on the stage.
  • "He always does, I'll go make a toast with him" Avery informed walking away from them as she walked up the stage.
  • "They look so good together" Naya admired her parents, who were addressing the pack.
  • "I know right," Zara giggled.
  • "Look," Naya pointed in a direction.
  • "What?"
  • "It's Ralph, he's been staring at you, you should go to him" she said softly,
  • "Should I?" Zara asked, sounding uncertain.
  • "Yes, besides you both are finally going to be together tonight " Naya persuaded.
  • "Alright, don't go anywhere till a handsome guy approaches you okay" Zara whispered to her ears, walking away as well, now that only Naya was left behind.
  • Naya stood, her face beaming with smiles, her family were the best, her best friends.
  • Her father was the Alpha of the enchanted pack, and was the best Alpha one could ever ask for.
  • "Hey Naya '' A guy came to stand beside her and she finally recognized him, he was in her school.
  • Roderick was like the hottest guy in school and she kinda had a huge crush on him, though she was never open about it, she was the nerd, Zara the open book.
  • "Hi Roderick" she spluttered, swallowing nervously.
  • "How are you enjoying the party?" He asked,
  • "It's been great so far" Naya cleared her throat, she felt so nervous around him.
  • "Do you care for a dance?" Roderick asked, because the music immediately came on.
  • "Sure.." she accepted, taking his hand, as he led her to the dance floor.
  • Naya inhaled deeply as they danced, she knew why he approached her, she could feel it, he was her mate.