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Chapter 2

  • "Lucy, I want you to marry me."
  • For a split second, Lucy's mind froze, unable to process what she had just heard. She blinked in disbelief, thinking she must have misheard him. Her voice trembled as she asked him to repeat the words, hoping against hope that she had misunderstood.
  • Noah's expression softened, sensing her confusion. "I mean it, Lucy. I want to marry you."
  • Lucy's mind raced, trying to reconcile what Noah had just said with her understanding of their relationship. Noah was her best friend, and he was gay.
  • “What? Why?.” Stunted Lucy asked.
  • Noah took a deep breath, his eyes filled with a mixture of vulnerability and determination. He knew he needed to explain his reasons to Lucy, to help her understand the complexity of his decision. He wanted her to know the depth of his emotions and the weight of his responsibilities.
  • "Lucy, I want to marry you because... because I'm the second son of Alpha Alfred," Noah began, his voice tinged with a hint of sadness. "My family holds a prominent position in the werewolf world, and there are expectations placed upon us that sometimes feel suffocating."
  • Lucy's eyes widened with surprise, her gaze fixed on Noah. She had always known he came from a powerful lineage, but the gravity of his words struck her deeply. He had always tried to explain the werewolf stuff to her ever since he told her his identity of being a werewolf but she never cared. All she knows is that he comes from a powerful lineage.
  • "My family's reputation and the business we've built over the years... they're important to us," Noah continued, his voice laden with both affection and concern. "But being gay in our society is still not fully accepted. If people were to find out about my true identity, it could have far-reaching consequences for my family, our standing, and even our business."
  • Lucy's brows furrowed as she absorbed Noah's words. The weight of his responsibilities and the societal pressures he faced became clearer to her. She could sense the pain he carried, hidden behind his unwavering smile. Noah has always been secretive about him being gay. Heck she is the only one that knows. Not that he told her. She had once walked in on him making out with a dude. She immediately fled the scene and later Noah came forward about his sexuality to her. He was afraid of being judged and rejected. But Lucy didn’t treat him any differently than she usually does.
  • "And then there's my mother," Noah continued, a hint of weariness in his voice. "She's been asking about my non-existent girlfriend for years, always wanting to see me settled down. It's not just about her expectations; it's the worry she carries for me, for our family's future. Marrying you would allow me to fulfill that expectation and alleviate some of the pressure."
  • Lucy's heart ached for Noah, understanding the weight of his words. She had witnessed the way his family's legacy loomed over him, and the internal struggle he faced between his true identity and the obligations placed upon him.
  • "Noah, I can't imagine the burden you've carried," Lucy said softly, reaching across the table to take his hand. "But marriage is a serious commitment, and it shouldn't be entered into under false pretenses. We've always been honest with each other, and I believe that's why our friendship has thrived."
  • Noah nodded, his eyes glistening with gratitude. "You're right, Lucy. Honesty has always been the foundation of our friendship, and I would never want to compromise that. That's why I want you to take your time to consider this. I don't want to pressure you or make you feel obligated. Our friendship will always be invaluable to me, no matter what."
  • Noah hesitated for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "I need you to marry me, but only for a year. It will be a temporary arrangement, solely for appearances and to please my parents. After that, we can divorce, and I'll pay you a substantial sum of money. Ten million dollars, to be exact."
  • Lucy's eyes widened in surprise, her mind racing to comprehend the enormity of Noah's request. She felt a mix of emotions—confusion, curiosity, and a tinge of concern. She trusted Noah implicitly, but the idea of entering into a marriage of convenience raised ethical questions and uncertainties within her.
  • Noah continued, his voice steady. "I've thought long and hard about this, Lucy. By marrying you, I can fulfill my family's expectations and protect our business interests, all while ensuring your financial security. It's not an ideal solution, I know, but I believe it's the best way to navigate the delicate balance between my true self and the demands placed upon me."
  • Lucy's brow furrowed, torn between her loyalty to Noah and her own principles. "Noah, I understand your reasons, but this... it feels like a compromise. Marriage should be based on love and honesty, not convenience or financial gain."
  • Noah's eyes pleaded with Lucy, a mix of desperation and vulnerability shining through. "I know it's not ideal, Lucy. But please consider it. This arrangement would be temporary, and we can keep our friendship intact. It would provide you with financial stability, and it would give me the chance to protect my family's legacy."
  • Lucy leaned back in her chair, her mind swirling with conflicting thoughts and emotions. She cared deeply for Noah and wanted to support him, but the notion of entering into a marriage devoid of love and authenticity weighed heavily on her.
  • "Noah," Lucy finally spoke, her voice filled with compassion. "I appreciate your honesty and trust in me. But I can't give you an answer right now. This is a significant decision that needs careful consideration. We need to think about the implications and the effects it may have on both of our lives."
  • Noah nodded, understanding the weight of Lucy's words. "You're right, Lucy. This isn't a decision to be made lightly. Take all the time you need, and please know that our friendship will remain paramount, regardless of your response."
  • Silence enveloped them once again as they sat there, grappling with the complex emotions and moral dilemmas that lay before them. Lucy knew that the path ahead would require honest introspection and open communication.
  • That night, when Lucy went home, she kept thinking about Noah's proposal. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes it is not necessarily a bad idea. Ten million is a lot of money and it will change her life forever. She can quit modeling and open her dream bakery once the divorce is finalized. Lucy had always dreamt of opening a mega bakery which will also have a bookstore and a cafe joint. This is her chance of getting the money to make her dream come through. She might never have another chance.
  • Getting married to Noah wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Noah was good looking and he was her best friend not a stranger. After much thought and consideration, Lucy finally came to a conclusion. She picked her phone and texted Noah her response before she went to sleep.