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Chapter 9 The Investigation begins

  • It was difficult to believe that Suparna would finally give in and take such a drastic step. They weren't on talking terms after that argument following the decision to sell off their ancestral property in Burrabazar. Actually it was Upendra's decision.
  • Suparna was in the final year of her college when their parents died in a car accident. She had reluctantly stayed with her elder sister's family - Shivangi and her husband in Chandannagar for a couple of months. Then after she landed a job in BPO she moved over to Saltlec. Shivangi had caught her taking anti-depressant pills one day . Though she had pledged to dessist from such acts of self-destruction again, she knew once alone she would resume her habits. How many times Shivangi had asked her to refrain from watching those bullshit on TV. She had even locked up some TV channels in her Saltlec flat - but to no avail. She said the shows gave her thrills and made her forget her loneliness.
  • But Shivangi knew that strong emotions like fear were harmful for asthma. Medical science also affirmed a link between asthma, anxiety and depression. Her doctor had made it clear that no matter what but Suparna should not be provoked. Too much excitement was fatal for her. Since young, Suparna loved to thrive in an imaginary, make-believe world. It was peculiar that given her age her bookshelf still abounded with fairytales and childhood fantasy books; not to mention the crime thrillers, mysteries and horror titles which sometimes even questioned her sanity. Did she appear to be frightened on telephone yesterday ?
  • One by one the man was entering the missing person's sex, age, height, built, complexion, dress, when last seen, hair cut, visible identification marks, tattoos etc.
  • 'Does your sister have any habits, like smoking .. liquor .. drugs .. ?
  • It seemed to Shivangi that the question was aimed at her.
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