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Chapter 6

  • Firo stood there, his arms crossed over his chest and looked at the room full of people. He hadn’t slept at all the night before, but coming with his princess to Alterealm hadn’t been optional this morning. The only way they were going to find all those responsible for the plot to take down barriers in the realms was if all the realms worked together. He believed the reason the plan had survived this long was because they hadn’t been communicating for centuries. Of course, as a guard, he was never asked his opinion on such things.
  • He stood back by the entrance and watched the men talking. The Alterealm royals were waiting on their mates and Prince Bastian from Solrelm. He was surprised the prince was coming today. His princess told him they had announced the lies and deception to their realm, and to Firo, that was a risk and reason to stay close and watch for other traitors. What had been done to their people was very hard to grasp. To have been denied their other half all these centuries was one thing, but to kidnap any man who had found theirs outside the realm and lock their memories away was unbelievable. He knew doing such a thing was both challenging and dangerous from experience. The reason he had done it was nothing like the reason those fathers had their families erased from their minds.
  • He watched Prince Bastian come in with his woman, Nova. She was also a puzzle he hadn’t quite put together. Her soul was the oldest there had ever been in a human body, according to Aireese, and he couldn’t imagine what that was like. She was also the reason they were searching all of FaTerra for any fae named Belford, Florin, or Satine.
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