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Chapter 192 She Is Truly Brazen

  • "You have a point. Alright, you'll stay here to protect my woman while I head out for a while. However, don't tell her where I'm going. Got it?"
  • Benjamin hurriedly nodded in agreement. "Yes, Mr. Buckley. I'll never tell Miss Abigail about it. Even if she asks me, I'll just say that you've headed out for a jogging session."
  • "You're clever indeed." Greg was satisfied with his assistant.
  • After putting on his clothes, Greg picked up his car key and left the house. His wound had become less painful upon Abigail's treatment—perhaps this was the power of love. With a smirk, Greg drove the car away from the house. Meanwhile, Abigail wasn't aware of his whereabouts as she headed straight to Genevieve's room. Upon receiving Greg's order, Benjamin quickly searched for Abigail.
  • After a night's rest, the woman had become more energetic. On the other hand, Genevieve lost all her vigor after being tortured the entire night, and her face was horrendously pale. Her clothes were soaked in sweat as they stuck to her skin, making her feel uncomfortable.
  • She wanted to yell at Abigail in exasperation the moment she saw her, but Genevieve didn't have the strength to do so. "You'll die a horrible death, Abigail. You'd better kill me, or I will—" she screamed all of a sudden.
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