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Chapter 17 Peeking

  • When Ethan rose to his feet, his right shoulder appeared to be covered in blood that drenched his white shirt. Noticing his bloody wound, Thea called out to him in horror and exclaimed, “Oh my god! You’re hurt! I’m so sorry. You wouldn’t get hurt if it weren’t for me. Please let me take you to the hospital. I’m willing to pay for your medical bills, and…”
  • Nevertheless, Ethan shunned away from Thea’s reach in frustration, as if he had a lot of pent-up anger gnawing at him. Man! I must have been out of my mind to have come and rescued this woman! At the thought of that, he ignored Thea and walked back to his Bugatti Veyron parked by the roadside.
  • Meanwhile, Dylan only waited for Ethan next to the car as he didn’t dare to utter a single word, probably because he knew he was the one who caused the embarrassing misunderstanding.
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