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Chapter 16 How Long Do You Plan On Hugging Me Like That?

  • Her hair makes her look like an angel, as if she is without a flaw. With the combination of her fair skin and her smooth hair, her beauty held Ethan spellbound, but when he thought about the quarrel he had with Benedict earlier, he reckoned Thea was no longer as mature and reserved as she used to be. At the thought of that, his eyes darkened as he asked, “She is a scheming lady, so what’s so good about that?”
  • Dylan scratched his head and awkwardly faked a cough before he casually replied, “I heard from Mr. Johns that Young Master Benedict has always mentioned his mother lately. Perhaps it’s not because he cares about Miss Stratford, but rather because he is trying to protect his mother’s place by keeping you from getting too close with Cordelia. That could explain why he threw a tantrum at you.”
  • Ethan’s face stiffened. “So you think he is just using that lady as an excuse to bicker with me?”
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